A Realistic Play Tractor in Norway

Massey Ferguson Replica Wooden Play Tractor In Norway 07

We took this growler – an authentic replica of a Massey Ferguson tractor – all the way to Kongeparken in Norway .

The park is partnered with Massey Ferguson in respect of one particular ride, and we were asked to produce a one-off realistic play tractor – so here it is!

It really feels as if you would plough a field with it – it’s so realistic – and it caused quite a stir on the journey! It also caused quite a stir in customs when officials thought it was a real tractor – and also by the German police who stopped us because they thought it was real and therefore the truck was over loaded!

Never a dull moment building bespoke play apparatus and then shipping it all over the world!

The guide price for a one off installation such as this is £8000.00 + VAT + Delivery.