Ffolkes Arms Hotel Adventure Playground

Located in Hillington, Norfolk, The Ffolkes Arms Hotel enjoyed an extensive refit, inside and out, totalling two million pounds. “Think Poldark, think pewter, copper, Hessian, leather, soft velvet, and rustic wood,” was how they described the transformation, and the gardens were no exception to this quest for a high end environment for all.

We built a rustic adventure playground that flows naturally around a large tree in the garden, featuring ramp access that makes it accessible for all children. The centrepiece is a large ‘egg’ type structure with a lookout tower that can be accessed from the inside. All around the play area there is seating, helping to make it a family friendly setting for all.

The video shows a walk around of the play area whilst it was still under construction.

Ffolkes Arms Hotel Playground
Natural Playground at Ffolkes Arms Hotel Hillington Norfolk


Ffolkes Arms Slide
Ffolkes Arms Ladder
Ffolkes Arms Ramp

Design Your Own Unique Adventure Play Area

It was a pleasure to be part of this exciting redevelopment and as it’s just a few miles down the road from our workshop, we’re happy that we can visit it regularly to see it being enjoyed by children and adults alike. This was a completely bespoke play creation, as with everything we make, and if you are interested in commissioning your own adventure playground, please get in contact with us. In the meantime, take a look at some of our other outdoor play areas.