Samlesbury Hall Outdoor Play Area


Samlesbury Hall outdoor play area features a two-storey miniature replica of the real Samlesbury Hall, as well as replica play ship based upon The Mayflower. The play area tells the story of the family that left the safety of the hall in The Mayflower to travel across the Atlantic – a daunting journey in 1620. Open to the public, this play area promotes learning by stealth, depicting the adventure and spirit of the connection between Samlesbury and the Mayflower.

It features a rope V-bridge, slide, climb wall, balance beams, and multiple pieces of climbing equipment – all of which help children with their balance and physical development.

Replicating History

One of our favourite themes in a play area is to make a replica of a famous landmark. In the case of Samlesbury Hall we made a miniature replica of the real hall that remained true to the original. Below is an image of the real Samlesbury Hall and our miniature, play house style replica.



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When Does Fantasy Become Reality?

We made two videos based around Samlesbury Hall to showcase our creativity. Both show glimpses into the design process and help demonstrate what it is that we do at Flights of Fantasy. We hope you like them.

A Glowing Testimonial From Samlesbury Hall

Samlesbury Hall were quite delighted with our creation and we were extremely proud to receive the following testimonial from them.

Samlesbury Hall Testimonial for Flights of Fantasy

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