Furnished Playhouse InteriorThe Swiss chalet is an impossibly beautiful, intricate, complicated, and thoroughly well engineered playhouse that is styled as a miniature, yet still very large, replica of the owner’s house. All up, it weighs over 10 tonnes. This truly is a playhouse like no other.

The Brief: Build a Playhouse Like No Other

Embarking on this project was one of our biggest challenges to date – what a thrill! The specification included a fully functional, fitted kitchen, heating and lighting, a stone chimney, a seating area, and fold out beds. The catch? A five week lead time including transport and installation to Gstaad, Switzerland… then a winter installation with temperatures dropping to almost -30°C (-22°F).

A True-To-Life Miniature Replica

The aim was not to make a clone, but to follow the style of the larger chalet. We paid great attention to detail to ensure that we captured the key features of the real chalet and anyone who knows it would recognise the characteristics in the playhouse. They now stand side by side in Switzerland.

Overcoming Barriers: The Freezing Alpine Mountain Range

As far as barriers go, they don’t get much bigger than this. The team worked relentlessly through temperatures as low as -27°C, and fought against gale force winds for two weeks. One member of our team lost a stone in weight during this installation, so if you want to get slim, come and work with us!

Materials and Imagination: We Use Only the Finest Timber On the Planet

Saying that the playhouse would have to withstand some unforgiving temperatures was something of an understatement. The finished product was a solid, engineered for snow loading, tough-as-nails, miniature chalet that could comfortably sleep four children in any weather conditions. Born to look weather beaten, it was sandblasted and lightly stained to match the large chalet.

Furnished Playhouse Interior
Swiss Chalet

Apparatus and Accessories: A Secret Paradise In Your Back Garden

The functioning kitchen, heating, lighting, and spacious seating area make it the ultimate luxury playhouse.

The roof is one of the most astounding feats of engineering of this particular playhouse – it’s remarkably thick and insulated just like a real house, not to mention the fact that it looks beautifully carved. It also cleverly incorporates four tonnes of steel to withstand potentially massive ice and snow loadings of up to twelve tonnes.

The playhouse also features:

  • Flower boxes under the windows
  • Large patio doors
  • Stone chimney
  • TV area
  • Pretend fireplace
  • Second floor area with an intricate, laser-cut cornice
  • Outdoor porch lights
  • Dual glazing on all windows

Project Summary: A Legendary, One of a Kind Playhouse

The installation was finished on time and to the highest standards. With regular maintenance, the playhouse will last indefinitely, despite the constant battering of the elements. It will continue to inspire generation after generation as they play in their safe and warm garden haven.


6.5 metres wide x 5.8 metres long x 3.1 metres high

Designing Your Dream Playhouse

This is just one of the many playhouses that we have made in the past. Please use it as inspiration for your perfect playhouse and get in contact with us to discuss a potential project. We are happy to walk you through the design process and can either work with ideas that you might have or come up with something completely new. Every single one of our designs in bespoke, meaning that at the end you will have a playhouse like no other, so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and make it exactly how you want it to be. If you are looking for more inspiration, take a look at our other playhouses.

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