Seating and Picnic Areas


Custom Made Seating, Park Furniture, and Picnic Areas

When you have lots of visitors who want to spend the day exploring your grounds, seating is of the utmost importance. Having a picnic area or benches allows people to stay longer than rumbly bellies and tired legs permit. At Flights of Fantasy we create custom made seating and rest areas to compliment our play areas and as stand alone, functional seating. From themed, carved benches to elaborate picnic areas, we’re able to create park and street furniture for a wide range of locations. With added features also available, such as shelters and tables, we are specialists in creating custom outdoor seating areas. If you have a challenging idea of how you want your seating to be, don’t be afraid to ask – we love to create something new.

Rustic Seating

As we typically work in natural settings, rustic themed furniture is something that we love to make. We mostly use British-grown sweet chestnut, although we are flexible to change, but the result is something highly functional and aesthetically pleasing that has great longevity. These pieces of rustic furniture will be around for many years to come with minimal maintenance required. As each piece of rustic seating is made from natural timbers, every single piece will be as unique as a snowflake.

Rustic Picnic Bench


Extremely robust and highly functional, our rustic picnic benches fit naturally into woodland environments, encouraging visitors to stay at an attraction for an extended period of time. This particular picnic bench is located in a woodland as part of our Fountains Abbey outdoor play area.

Rustic Bench


Shaped by natural timbers, each of these attractive benches is totally unique. They offer important resting or observation sites for visitors and become a talking point due to their appearance. This particular bench is located at Abberton Reservoir outdoor play area and fits in naturally with the local setting.

Split Log Benches


Incredibly simple, yet highly versatile, split log benches can be arranged in any fashion which makes them useful for audience seating – especially when arranged in forward facing rows) as well as for resting. Although these benches are arranged in certain way, the benches can be standalone.

Themed Seating


All of our creations are completely bespoke, so you can have exactly the seating that is appropriate for your setting. Themed seating creates an intriguing discovery as well as serving as functional park furniture. Combined with carvings and sculptures, a seating area can become an exciting and attractive place to spend time.

The wildlife themed seating area (pictured) is just one example of how we can take local history, culture, or wildlife, and incorporate it into our designs. Whilst we do make traditional sculptures and wooden carvings, we also add a new dimension by incorporating those sculptures into our furniture, as you can see in our varied range of themed seating.


Whilst rustic looking, natural seating is our preference for outdoor settings, we have also made some rather exciting themed seating areas for other settings. Pictured below is our pirate-themed outdoor seating area at Smugglers Bar and Grill, Amroth, and our indoor jungle themed meeting room at Bristol Zoo. The pirate themed seating area has tables made to look like barrels, cannons, and driftwood, whilst the jungle room features extensive jungle animals and fauna. Use these as inspiration for your own idea to make something entirely new.


Feature Seating

Waverley-Feature-Seating-Circular-Bench-by-The-Wild-Deck-CompanyThis is our trademark, centrepiece bench, designed for our valued client, Waverley Borough Council at Farnham Park Outdoor Play Area.

We can provide individual designs, intended to raise the profile of our clients that are any shape with any size sign incorporated. This is a great way to make something that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and raises the profile of your organisation.

Finishes on any piece can be left wooden or painted, helping you to portray the right image. Why not even try incorporating multiple designs together? You could add a few sculptures off to the side of a play area, some natural looking log benches, maybe a picnic bench or three…

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different idea as you are limited only by your imagination when it comes to making attractive seating.

Bespoke Themed Seating Projects

Below are some of our larger, themed seating projects. This is an ever growing list and we look forward to creating new pieces of themed seating in the future.

Bristol Zoo Jungle Party Room and Seating

Jungle Party Room And Themed Seating At Bristol Zoo

Featuring a photographic wall mural and hand painted table and seats, this party room at Bristol Zoo immerses visitors into a jungle experience.

Read more about Bristol Zoo Jungle Party Room.

Smugglers Indoor And Outdoor Pirate Seating

View Over Water Smugglers Bar And Grill Amroth Pirate Themed Seating And Benches

Featuring canon, driftwood, and gunpowder barrel tables, this swashbuckling seating area delights children and adults alike.

Read more about Smugglers Pirate Themed Seating.

Designing Your Custom Seating Area

For more information on how we can create an inviting and useful seating space for your visitor attraction, please contact us to discuss your project’s requirements. If you know exactly what you want, we can make it. If you need help, don’t worry, we’d love to give you some ideas.

Give us a call or send us an email and we can start designing the perfect outdoor seating area that you are looking for.