Traditional Wooden Play Equipment & Apparatus

A Huge Variety Of Wooden Play Equipment To Choose From

The play features and equipment that we can incorporate into our designs is infinitely varied. We can create anything you might have seen in other playgrounds, as well as some products that you might not have see before. Everything we make is bespoke, so even our previous designs can be drastically altered and there’s nothing we like more than creating something that’s completely new. Below are some of the features that we have included in past designs to give you some ideas about how you can customise your play area, but please feel free to combine multiple pieces of play equipment and incorporate them into any design.

Traditional Swings


Play equipment that any child will recognise, but made to a much higher quality.

Child Swings


Like the traditional swing, but fitted with a secure, child friendly seat.

Accessible Swings


Fitted with straps, this swing allows less mobile children to be strapped in safely.

Basket Swings


Suitable for use by multiple children simultaneously, basket swings are a firm favourite.

Cantilever Basket Swings

Cantilever Basket Swing

Featuring a basket swing that is hung on a cantilever post.

Accessible Roundabouts


This wheelchair friendly roundabout encourages play for all children.

Traditional Slides


Any length or steepness of slide can be added onto any piece of play apparatus.

Giant, Curved Slides

Giant Curved Slide

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and incorporate twists and turns in a slide.

Zip Lines

Zip Line Empty (Hatfield House National Trust children's outdoor wooden play area replica by Flights of Fantasy)

Exhilarating and adventurous, children love to whizz through the air on aerial runways.

Stilt Posts

Stilt Posts

Offering hand supports and stepping posts, these offer a fun way to explore.

Rope Vee-Bridges

Rope Vee-Bridge

Made from synthetic hemp, our rope bridges are long lasting, safe, and challenging.

See Saws


A classic piece of play equipment that still offers hours of enjoyment.

Tangle Climbs

Tangle Climb

Random and organic, tangle climbs use natural timbers to create climbable obstacles.

Balance Beams

Flat Topped and Etched Balance Beams

Flat topped and etched for grip, balance beams offer challenging traverses.

A-Frame Log Climbs

A-Frame Log Climb

Natural timbers create attractive climb features that can be approached from either side.

Hop Stones

Hop Stones Stepping Logs

Sometimes referred to as stepping logs, these are a low level balance challenge for all.

Rustic Benches

Rustic Bench

Natural and unique, these benches offer parents a place to sit whilst watching children.

Rustic Picnic Benches

Picnic Bench

Naturally themed, picnic benches encourage families to extend their visit.

Split Log Benches


Simple and mobile, these benches can be used in many ways to suit different needs.

Slide Poles


A classic piece of play apparatus that allows for quick exits from various structures.

Wobble Bridges


Combining balance and agility, these bridges are fun yet safe with double handrails.

Interactive Barriers & Fencing


These can incorporate sliders, peep holes, basket ball hoops, and bean bag targets.

Kingpost Skittles


Use the weighted ball to knock down all the skittles in as few throws as possible.

Den Building Structures


Offering simple frames, children use sticks to build their own structures.

Rope Traverses


These offer a challenging traverse with one rope for feet and another for hands.

Random Step Climbs


Incorporating varying sizes and widths of log, this is a pyramid shaped structure.

Vertical Climb Nets


Can be standalone or used as a traverse between other structures.

Scramble Nets

Scramble Net Horizontal Climb

Similar to the vertical climb net except horizontal, children can climb over or under this net.

Humpback Bridges


Freestanding or used to connect structures, we can make any bridge style you desire.

Ball Run


Race the balls down the channels and see whose gets there first.


Springies Dragon and Horse Springer

Customisable to be painted with any design or character, these rock back and forth.

Foxhole Tunnels


Crawl through tunnels that can go under or through structures.

Musical Chimes


Accessible for all, these chimes incorporate a stick to make musical melodies.

Wooden Carvings & Sculptures


Whether animal or character themed, these brighten up a play area for children.

Access Ramp

Access Ramp

Offers easy access to wheelchairs and children with limited levels of mobility.

Swing Bars

Swing Bars

Extremely challenging, these can be standalone or used to connect structures.

Scissor Bridge


Combining a raised balance beam with hand rails creates these pieces of play apparatus.

Swing Pegs

Swing Pegs

A new twist on conventional swing bars, this is a challenging piece of play apparatus.

Step Logs


A notched post that offers access to raised play apparatus.


Used to traverse muddy or wet ground, offering access for all.

Three Rope Bridge

Three Rope Bridge

Requiring balance and agility, this is a challenging traverse.


Access Stairs Staircase

A safe access route that can incorporated into any play structure.

Access Ladder

Access Angled Climb Ladder

Can be made wide or narrow, allowing children to climb.

Spiral Post

Spiral Climb Post

A vertical climb post that can be linked to other features.

Hanging Rope Traverse

Hanging Rope Traverse

Challenging exercise equipment requiring balance and strength.

Access Steps

Access Steps Stepladder

Can be created in any size to allow access to play equipment.

Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stairs Staircase

A classic, spiral staircase that can be styled in different ways.

Spider Climb


Climbing apparatus shaped like a giant, wooden spider.

Vertical Climb Wall

Vertical Climb Wall Coloured

A challenging piece of climb apparatus offering multiple routes.

Fence Traverse

Fence Traverse

A low level, close to the ground, natural looking traverse.

Pull Up Bars

Pull Up Bars

Classic exercise equipment with variable height bars.



Exercise equipment that can be arranged in any fashion.

Sit Up Benches


Traditional exercise equipment that can be flat or inclined.

Parallel Bars


Bars can be set at any height and used for exercise purposes.

Educational Interactive Play

Bee Hives Westmorland Gloucester Services M5 Indoor Play Area Northbound and Southbound

Anything is possible, but this pieces teaches about bees.



A long standing play area piece recommend for home use with a cover.

Angled Climb Net

Angled Climb Net For Access

A net that offers challenging access to play apparatus.

Nest-Like Spheres


Raised structures that are fully accessible, different, and fun.

Leap Frog Posts

Leag Frog Posts

Place your hands on the post top and leap right over.

Step Up

Step Up Log

Accessible exercise equipment allowing step up and down exercises.

Dog Tether

Dog Tether Post

Based upon real dogs, these tether posts keep furry friends secure.

Hop Up


Multi-level exercise equipment with a hand rail for safety.

Post Maze


A fun maze for children to explore can be made to any size.

Tube Slide

Tube Slide

A plastic, spiral slide of customisable length and curve.

Spider Web Climb Net

Spider Web Climb Net

A spider web styled climbing net with a central ‘spider’.

Feature Seating

Themed Circular Seating Waverley Sign

Any shape and sign is possible to promote your organisation.

Vertical Ladder

Vertical Ladder

A vertical ladder can be used to transition levels or reach high places.

Raised Boardwalk

Raised Boardwalk

Accessible to less mobile individuals, this connects aerial play apparatus.

Access Climb Wall

Access Climb Wall

This is a challenging way to enter a piece of play apparatus.

Further Customisations

Any of these pieces of play apparatus can be customised and included in anything that we make, but these are just the beginning. Other features that you have never even thought of can be included just as easily. If you have further ideas, please don’t hesitate to let us know so that we can incorporate other features into our designs. For challenging pieces of play apparatus tailored towards adults and older children, and outdoor exercise equipment, please look at our trim trails.

Farnham Park Trim Trail

Designing Your Perfect Piece Of Play Apparatus

Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your own play area and play apparatus, and we will walk you through the design process. We like to say that you are limited only by your imagination and if you can dream it, we can build it.