Runcorn Locomotive

At Runcorn we built a dramatic train centrepiece for an already existing play area, based upon the Pacific Locomotive. This area suffers notorious vandalism and whilst we were installing and building the train, the vandals were breaking down the barrier fencing: they even stole our cement mixer during the installation! More than half a decade after the initial installation however, our wonderful train has commanded respect and remains undamaged and extensively used. We are proud to know that the local children are proud of it. Due to the success of this train, we built a second Pacific Locomotive that was shipped to UAE.

Train Playground
View Across Play Area (Runcorn Play Train Centrepiece Outdoor Play Area)

A True To Life Replica

Below you can see the Pacific Locomotive that we shipped to the UAE and an image of a real Pacific Locomotive, the train both pieces of play apparatus were based upon. Unlike the Swedish replica trains we made (the Patric Reutersward and the BLJ 4 Langshyttan), we never intended this particular play train to be an exact replica, but we wanted to capture many of the train’s main features. As you can also see, the second train we made (pictured below) was built to a different specification and has several subtle difference from the original.


Play Train Features

The train itself features a climb wall, climb features on the wheels, a slide pole, and a ladder, as well as being accessible inside. We love how well this train fits into the train-themed play area and still immediately catches people’s attention.

Side Profile (Runcorn Play Train Centrepiece Outdoor Play Area)
Wheels Close-Up (Runcorn Play Train Centrepiece Outdoor Play Area)

Rear-Left (Runcorn Play Train Centrepiece Outdoor Play Area)
Front (Runcorn Play Train Centrepiece Outdoor Play Area)
Front-Right (Runcorn Play Train Centrepiece Outdoor Play Area)

Designing Your Play Train

The train at Runcorn is just one design from our ever growing fleet of trains and, as with all our products, is fully customisable. Changing the colour, varying the play features, or even adding a station (like we did at Wallington) are all possibilities.

If you have an idea for a play train (or some other play idea), please get in contact with us to discuss a potential project.

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