Moseley Old Hall Tree House

Hidden in the forest of National Trust property, Moseley Old Hall, you will find our rustic tree house play area. The tree house features two elevated floors, steps, climbing ladders, a climbing rope, and a bench. Constructed from FSC oak and weighing in at 13 tonnes, this structure blends in nicely to its surroundings and will stand tall for many years to come. We built it to tell the story of  Charles II’s hiding in an Oak tree after the lost battle of Worcester.

Using traditional techniques involving straps, levers, and block and tackle, we lifted the 300kg mainframes into vertical position. Everything about this tree house was done in the old fashioned way in an attempt to be sympathetic to the environment. Take a moment to watch the time lapse video of how we constructed this tree house to give you an idea of the work that was involved.

A Tour Around The Tree House

Here is a little look around the two levels of the tree house and its play apparatus.

Moseley Old Hall Tree House
Wooden Tree House Stairs



Moseley Old Hall Tree House
Wooden Tree House

Designing Your Perfect Tree House

Use this intricate tree house as inspiration for your own project, but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries in whatever way you want. Add extra features, incorporate interesting themes, and do whatever else you can think of to challenge us to make you the best tree house possible. Please get in touch with us to discuss your idea and we will walk you through the design process.

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