About Flights of Fantasy

We design and construct the highest quality, bespoke children’s play areas and children’s play equipment that you can find. Whether it’s an adventure play area, a miniature pirate ship, a magnificent castle, or anything else that you can dream up, we are able to bring it to life – You dream it, we build it! All of our unique creations are made by hand in the UK and then transported to site where they are installed by our team of skilled craftsmen.

As our creations are extremely visual, here are two short videos showing what it is that we do at Flights of Fantasy.

Who We Are

In the late 80s, Russell Bowlby promised to build his first born son a playhouse. Being a skilled craftsman and striving for excellence, this was not the traditional playhouse that one might expect to see at the bottom of the garden. Instead, it was a work of art that represented the love and level of detail that were involved in its construction. From that tudor playhouse, Flights of Fantasy Creative Play was born and nearly two decades later, that very same playhouse stood at the bottom of the garden, looking as good as it ever had. The two pictures you see of the playhouse below were taken over a decade apart and the image behind the table and teapots is what the playhouse looked like after a decade of sitting at the bottom of the garden without maintenance. The second photo, where the playhouse looks almost new, was taken over a decade later after we gave it a quick touch up, testament to the longevity of our creations.

Tea Set Forground At The Back Of The Garden Tudor House Wooden Childrens Playhouse Wendy House For Jamie1
Tudor House Playhouse After 27 Years

Your Flight of Fantasy

Whether you want to customise one of our existing creations or commission a brand-new design, we will make something that both adults and children will be enchanted by. We create luxury play equipment for the home and garden, as well as for commercial clients. Decades of experience working on a hugely diverse portfolio of bespoke creations has ensured that we are specialists in themed play areas and other commercial play equipment, and we have worked for multiple high profile clients and organisations. Whatever it is that we make for you, we feel confident that you will be amazed by our attention to detail and the quality of our work. Our products are designed to last a lifetime with the right maintenance, which is something else that we can help with.

Please get in contact with us if you have any questions or to discuss your project.

How To Order

Number 1

Tell us a little about the project and thoughts you might already have. Russell, our founder and designer, will then be in touch. Often we will visit the area and research the theme comprehensively.

Number 2

You'll receive a drawn plan, written proposal and a fixed price quote for the project, along with any recommendations for design and materials.

Number 3

If you're happy with the proposal then construction begins. We'll send you pictures and updates ready for when we deliver and install.

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