An Instant Online Hardwood Decking Quote Calculator

Following on from the opening of Quercast Sawmilling, our specialist hardwood sawmill, we have opened two new websites that promote hardwood decking, our flagship timber product; UK Oak Decking and UK Hardwood Decking. Specialising in the milling of oak and sweet chestnut decking, we now offer an instant online hardwood decking quote calculator. The calculator allows you to get an instant online quote for oak and sweet chestnut decking that can then be emailed to yourself. When creating your quote you can submit a request for a finalised quote including delivery and VAT, although we also offer the option of collecting decking from our workshop. Both websites offer decking calculators to help you work out exactly how much decking you need, as well as the choice of four different decking profiles for you to choose from.

Visit UK Oak Decking to get an instant online oak decking quote.

Visit UK Hardwood Decking to get an instant online hardwood decking quote. We can supply oak or sweet chestnut decking.

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