Do Your Children Like Giant Spiders?

In general, we’re pretty sure that most children don’t like to play with giant spiders… however we regularly make giant spider climbs that children are very happy to play with. Carved by hand at our workshops in Norfolk, each design is different and unique in its very own way. Below is a video walkaround of one of our spider climbs at Rushden Lakes.

Over the years we have built several different spider climbs, some with rope ‘webs’, some with spider web climbing nets, and some as standalone pieces. Due to the natural variety within timbers, each is completely unique and has its own character. Here is a small selections of some of the giant spider climbs and associated apparatus that we have installed in the last couple of years.

spider climb face rushden lakes play area
spider climb rushden lakes play area
spider climb thameside nature park essex wildlife trust gravel extraction plant outdoor play area
Spider Web Climb Net


spider web climb net abberton reservoir childrens outdoor play area
spider climb legs rushden lakes play area
spider web climb net rushden lakes play area
Spider Climb Animal Wood Animal Themed Outdoor Play Area With Animal Carvings At Castlewellan Forest Park Northern Ireland

Other Creations

These hand carved giant spider climbs are just one of the many creations that we can make, but we love to push creative boundaries and create new things all the time. For further inspiration, you can see more animal carvings here and more traditional play apparatus here.

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