Moseley Old Hall – Time Lapse Video

‘From little acorns, big oak trees do grow’

The Tree House at Moseley Old Hall has grown somewhat quicker than usual. Built from FSC oak, weighing 13 tonnes and telling the story of  Charles II’s hiding in an oak tree after the lost battle of Worcester, this is an exciting and unique design and construction.

We’ve used old established techniques to lift the 300kg mainframes into vertical position, using straps, levers and block and tackle. We’ve done everything the old fashioned way, a way that’s a little kinder to our environment without the need of heavy machinery.

October 6th Update

During construction we recorded a Time Lapse Video of the Tree House being built. (watch on YouTube).

Using thousands of  individual photos, this video shows days of careful work in only a few short minutes. It was produced by Riarmato Productions.

September 23rd update

A quick photo update of our progress.


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