How We Built Noah’s Ark

When Dreamland Margate asked us to build a petting zoo reminiscent of Noah’s Ark, we were very excited about how we would bring ‘Noah’s Petting Ark‘ to life. We begun by looking at the Dreamland site, where we would be installing the finished ark, in order to get the exact dimensions. We then came up with a few sketches before progressing onto computer generated plans of the finished petting ark.

noahs petting ark computer plans

Once the plans were approved, we started construction at our workshop in Norfolk. Whilst our construction may not have been quite as big as the theorised Noah’s Ark of old, it was still pretty massive and took a lot of time to put together.

building noahs ark interior

Once we had completed construction, we had a rather large Ark filling up our workshop that then had to be dismantled and marked appropriately so that we could put it back together again at Dreamland. After painting, we transported the finished pieces to Dreamland and installed them at the site.

building noahs ark stern

And that is how we built Noah’s Ark!

The finished piece now sits at Dreamland, filled with many animals, for families to enjoy. You can see more pictures of the finished petting ark and find out more information about it here.

Dreamland Noahs Ark 03

Dreamland Noahs Ark 02

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