How Do You Make A Wheelchair Friendly Playground?

At Flights of Fantasy we have a very strong belief in inclusive play for all and work very hard to create accessible play areas. These are play areas that offer exciting play potential for less physically able individuals, including wheelchair users. We understand that someone in a wheelchair is not able to use ladders and steps, so we find other ways to make playgrounds wheelchair friendly so that wheelchair users are not excluded from the fun.

Wheelchair Accessible Areas

To make a wheelchair accessible play area, we begin by using a rubber chip fall surface which can be traversed easily in a wheelchair. This surface is smooth enough for wheelchairs to use and soft enough to provide impact protection for any child who falls. We then ensure that any ground floor structure entrances are wide enough for a wheelchair user to enter and for low height structures, we create gently sloping access ramps.

St Marys School Pirate Ship Play Area
Note the widened entrance on this pirate ship for wheelchairs
Access Ramp
A gently sloping access ramp suitable for use by wheelchairs
Main View The Duke Of Cambridge Adventure Play Area
Rubber chip fall surfaces can be easily traversed in wheelchairs

Wheelchair Adapted & Ground Level Play Equipment

Whilst we make many multi-storey structures that feature different pieces of climb apparatus, we also make ground level play apparatus that can be used by wheelchairs and adjust existing pieces of play apparatus to make them suitable for use by people in wheelchairs. Additionally, a play area isn’t just about what you can climb or spin… it’s about being part of the whole play experience. We make attractive play areas that feature memorable items such as wooden animal carvings for the enjoyment of all.

Roundabout Anderton Boatlift Adventure Playground
Custom made roundabout suitable for wheelchair use
Sliders And Spinners Westmorland Gloucester Services M5 Indoor Play Area Northbound And Southbound
Sliders and spinners can be used at ground height
Accessible Swing Fountains Abbey And Studley Foyal Extensive Rustic Outdoor Woodland Play Area By Flights Of Fantasy
Specially adapted swing with harness to hold user safely

Ball Run Top View Fountains Abbey And Studley Foyal Extensive Rustic Outdoor Woodland Play Area By Flights Of Fantasy
A ground level ball run game
Chimes Fountains Abbey And Studley Foyal Extensive Rustic Outdoor Woodland Play Area By Flights Of Fantasy
Musical Chimes that can be used at ground height
Badger Sculpture Wooden Carving By Flights Of Fantasy
A friendly badger carving to be enjoyed by all

Possibilities Are Endless

These are just a few simple ideas of how we can make a wheelchair friendly playground…. or make a playground wheelchair friendly! Whilst most of our play areas feature wheelchair friendly features and play apparatus, it would be entirely possible to design a playground specifically for wheelchair users so that every single item could be used by individuals in a wheelchair.

Read more about our wheelchair friendly and accessible play areas and get in contact with us if you are looking to commission your own wheelchair friendly play area.

What are your thoughts on making wheelchair friendly play areas? Let us know in the comments below.

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