Moving House, Literally!

Six years ago, one of our clients wanted a children’s Wendy house that was a replica of her original home. As a result, we made Little Lodge for her. This Wendy house has been happily played in by her children for the past few years, but she recently decided to move home. She was however, faced with a dilemma: what to do with the playhouse?

Little Lodge Wendy House Move With Original
Little Lodge loaded onto a trailer beside the original house
Little Lodge Wendy House Move In Workshop
Little Lodge in our workshop

She gave us a call and asked what we could do to help. In response, we collected the Little Lodge playhouse and took it back to our workshops where we gave it a complete overhaul both inside and out, so that it looked more like the new house. This overhaul involved painting realistic brickwork using an unorthodox yet ingenious cut sponge technique, as well as rotating the slide through 90 degrees to suit the new location.

After the overhaul we transported it to the new location, at one point passing under a low bridge with just 1.5″ to spare. If there weren’t so many cars queued up behind us, we would have taken a photo to share with you. Fortunately we made it without problems and the house now sits in a new garden looking as good as new.

Relocation, overhaul, and modification are a few more of the services that we offer, ensuring that your special creation can always remain in your family. Below are a few more images of Little Lodge post refurbishment. Can you see the difference it has made?