Not Your Normal Motorway Service Station

Flights of Fantasy Create An Indoor Play Area At Westmorland’s New Gloucester Services South Site

The Westmorland Family Group has been operating the UK’s only family run motorway service centres for decades and, as part of their new Southern site at their Gloucester services station, Flights of Fantasy were asked to create an indoor play area for them.

Gloucester V Bridge

The Westmorland Family’s values are admirable and by connecting themselves with the land and community around them, they have created a unique motorway services that provides all the quality and comfort of a local farmshop or cafe. For a team that knows motorway travel all too well it’s a welcome relief from the usual fare.

When we start a new project, we also try to connect ourselves with it at as Westmorland do and some of our most popular creations have been themed on local history, animals and culture, and, wherever possible, we try to use local materials and local suppliers as well. We want to make play equipment that is rooted in the community we build it in. As a company that works both nationally and internationally we’re almost always working in an area that’s new to us (we’ve already built a play area in our local area) so it’s important to us that we are considerate and respectful of our surroundings.

Gloucester Willow Tower

For us that means thoughtful design, using local materials and suppliers whenever possible, researching an area’s history or wildlife and above all else, doing as good a job as we are capable of. One of our greatest assets is our reputation for quality so we will always work as diligently on a play area that is remote to us, as we did on the play area sitting down the road from our workshop.

When we make a play area for a local community, whether it’s at a visitor attraction, a park or at a motorway service centre, we want that community, whoever they are, to know it was made just for them, even if we had to travel hundreds of miles to do it.

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