Pirate Ship Bed for Sale

  • 3.3m Long
  • Includes Mattress
  • Used, in Excellent Condition

A rare opportunity to purchase one of our Pirate Ship Beds at a reduced price has just come up. The bed, previously commissioned in 2011, is to be resold to new owners. It retains its original features and the brass plaque, a feature of all our creations, can be replaced to include a new personal message.


The above photos show the actual bed available.

Same quality design at a greatly reduced price

An excellent example of one of our most popular and sought after designs, this Pirate Ship Bed is a great way to acquire a piece of hand-made furniture at a much reduced cost.

Measuring 3.3m long the bed features blue and red painted trim as well as the ship’s bell, sail and Wheel.

Empty Bed Pirate Ship Bed Wooden Childrens Beds Bedroom Furniture

Please note that the above picture is from our catalogue of photos. It is not the bed for sale and is provided for illustration purposes only.


Should you wish to have us alter the bed in any way then please feel free to ask us. We will be able to change the colour or finish as well as add or remove accessories as may be needed. We can also fit a brass plaque with a personal message, just as we do with our bespoke commissions.

Contact us for more

If you’re interested in acquiring this previously loved piece, then contact us for full information or to discuss it further.