Accessible Playground Equipment

At Flights of Fantasy we believe that all children have a right to play and we work tirelessly to ensure we produce inclusive playground equipment for all. As every piece of play apparatus we make is completely bespoke, it allows us to produce inclusive playground equipment that is suitable for any special needs that children might have – and with every piece we make, we learn a little bit more about how to improve accessibility for future creations. This is true of standalone pieces or expansive play areas, so whether it’s a single piece of wheelchair accessible playground equipment or a complete special needs playground that you are looking for, we can make a playground (indoor or outdoor) that will suit your needs.

Inclusive Playground Features

No matter whether we are constructing a pirate ship, a play house, or an expansive play area, we are able to to tailor our creations to any special needs. Below are a few different pieces of accessible playground equipment, demonstrating how any play area can be made more suitable and safer for a wider range of physical abilities.

Fully Accessible Playgrounds

Access Ramp

We regularly use ramps with gentle gradients, allowing easy access for individuals with reduced mobility and for those in wheelchairs. We can adjust any slope and handrail to suit the specific needs of the children that will be using your playground.

Wheelchair Accessible Play Areas

St Marys School Pirate Ship Play Area

Every piece of play equipment is bespoke, so it is quite possible to allow for wheelchair access on any structure. On this pirate ship we used a fall surface that will allow wheelchairs to move on it and we kept the main entrance wide enough for a wheelchair to enter.

Hand Rails & Safety Netting

Safety Netting On Scissor Bridge

We can install single or double hand rails on any piece of play equipment, as well as safety netting between the handrails where necessary. The netting on this particular balance beam ensures children are safe, even if they were to fall from the balance beam.


Wheelchair Accessible Features

Roundabout Anderton Boatlift Adventure Playground

Any item can be customised to suit the needs and capabilities of the children that will be using it. Here we made a wheelchair accessible roundabout, ensuring that children in wheelchairs will be able to join in the fun.

Safety Swings

Accessible Swing Fountains Abbey And Studley Foyal Extensive Rustic Outdoor Woodland Play Area By Flights Of Fantasy

We can install specialist swings that have safety harnesses, ensuring children are secure and will remain safe throughout the play experience. Similarly, any other piece of play apparatus can be offered in an altered form for those who are less physically able.

Whatever Else You Need!

Ball Run Top View Fountains Abbey And Studley Foyal Extensive Rustic Outdoor Woodland Play Area By Flights Of Fantasy

Whether it’s special pieces of play equipment such as this ball run (which is accessible play apparatus for all) or something completely different, we are here to listen to your needs and help you to make the perfect, inclusive playground for all your future visitors.

Special Needs Playgrounds vs. Challenges For All

Ensuring we make accessible playgrounds for less physically able individuals is of huge importance to us. However, we also want to ensure that each play area has enough physical challenges to keep everyone entertained, including children who are confident and capable at climbing, running, and everything else that children might do! As such, we create play areas that feature multiple access options, catering to both those with limited mobility and those who are looking for a challenge. Similarly, we incorporate pieces of play equipment into our designs that can be used equally well by those with limited mobility as those without, and we are very careful when considering fall heights and fall surfaces.

Multiple Access Points

Ffolkes Arms Slide

We can incorporate ramps alongside more challenging access points, allowing children to enter a play area at a level of difficulty that is appropriate for them.

Low Fall Heights

Bone Wobbly Bridge Folly Farm Pirate Play Area Playground

All of our fall heights and safety surfaces are strictly monitored, but we can incorporate ground height agility apparatus such as this balance beam.

Ground Games For All

Sliders And Spinners Westmorland Gloucester Services M5 Indoor Play Area Northbound And Southbound

Whether it’s sliders and spinners as above, basketball hoops, musical instruments, or anything else that can be dreamt up, we can incorporate your ideas into any play area.

Get In Touch To Discuss Your Accessible Playground

We hope this page has given you a few ideas about what is possible in terms of accessible playgrounds as there really is no reason that less mobile children can’t be included in any play area. Whether you need a wheelchair friendly play area, an accessible playground for children of low mobility, or something more unique, please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and we will talk you through the different options. We look forward to hearing from you.

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