Pub & Restaurant Play Areas

Anyone who has young children knows the pain of trying to go out for dinner or a drink. What most people see as a relaxing treat can turn into an embarrassing nightmare where you put yourself in damage limitation mode and try to rush through the meal as quickly as possible to escape the whole situation! Imagine if going out with you children wasn’t like that… imagine if it was relaxing and enjoyable. Is that really possible? As a father of four, our founder, Russell Bowlby, knows only too well what it is like to go out with young children, and made it part of our company’s mission to improve that experience for all. As a result, many of our pub and restaurant clients have now become very popular with families as you can see from the reviews below.

The Secret To Relaxation: Excite & Engage

The secret to a relaxing going out experience is to keep everyone happy. Unless you have little angels who can sit through boring adult conversations, this means that children need to be provided with an exciting and engaging play environment. We design and construct indoor and outdoor pub and restaurant play areas that children actually have fun using, encouraging families to come back again and again. The venue then becomes known as family friendly, encouraging business throughout the day, and parents are more likely to return in the evening if they have a ‘night off’, resulting in much more business all around.

Our Outdoor Pub & Restaurant Play Areas

The Duke of Cambridge Pub Play Area

Occupying a rural setting, we built a natural looking rustic playground for this village pub that has a passion for local food and drink. With outdoor seating nearby, children can run for hours whilst being watched by their parents, making a family venue suitable for all. See more pictures here.

Main View The Duke Of Cambridge Adventure Play Area

What Visitors Think (from TripAdvisor):

  • “Great for children in the play area where you can order food without going into bar” chrisgup
  • “Our two kids played for hours (they are 3 and 6 and both found ways to play happily and safely in the well designed play area)” ChatsJ
  • “The outside play area was enjoyed by the kids and kept them occupied allowing the adults to enjoy evening too” Peter W
  • “superb play area for youngsters” Medstead
  • “The play area was fantastic for our 3 and 5 year olds” vixiepixie84
  • “Ideal for kids with play area. Garden very relaxing, even with kids playing” kodabear75
  • “super new play area outside that kids love” LynneC952
  • “The new play area is fab, kids loved it and were amused the whole time” Gemma S

The Ffolkes Arms Hotel & Restaurant Adventure Play Area

As part of a two million pound redevelopment, we made a rustic adventure play area at this gastro pub and restaurant that features indoor and outdoor seating. The play area is completely enclosed to prevent child runaways and the upper levels can be accessed by gently sloping access ramps for less physically able children. See more pictures here.

Ffolkes Arms Hotel Play Area Main View

What Visitors Think (from TripAdvisor):

  • “play area is excellent and would lend itself to children’s parties” Diana A
  • “fabulous outside play area, beautifully done with two lovely outside seating areas” Charlie1244
  • “Great outdoor area and play ground for the kids” Bent0s
  • “We are locals who like bringing our children here because of the great play area” mnowers
  • “Play area for the children is fantastic” outnabout1982
  • “the children ( and some not children) loved the outdoor play area” hilgaydn
  • “The overall restoration is outstanding and the children’s play area is amazing, personally I think the difference is incredible” Noelyne F
  • “there is a brilliant children’s play area so you can enjoy a drink and chat with family & friends while the kids have fun” dmcobb52

The Mulberry Pub Pirate Ship Play Area

The Mulberry Play Pirate Ship

Nestled by the outdoor seating area, we created a memorable pirate ship play area for this pub in Conwy. It immediately appeals to children and can engage them with multiple climbable levels and the opportunity for fantasy play. See more pictures here.

What Visitors Think (from TripAdvisor):

  • “my granddaughter was really pleased that there was a wonderful play area with a wooden climbing frame shaped like a boat outside” Papgayo12
  • “We were also impressed with the new pirate ship play area outside” SE7227
  • “The improvements to the outdoor seating area with the pirate play ship are great” Jimmymac83
  • “pirate ship for children is excellent” AMRMT2014
  • “The kids loved it, playing on the pirate ship. They definitely want to go back” Sidw80

Our Indoor Pub & Restaurant Play Areas

Smugglers Bar & Grill Indoor Pirate Play Area

Pirate themed from the inside to out, Smugglers Bar & Grill is a delightful restaurant in Amroth where we built a pirate themed indoor play area. In view of the restaurant seating, children can entertain themselves whilst adults relax and the family friendly vibe keeps visitors coming back again and again. See more pictures here.

Play Area Smugglers Bar And Grill Restaurant Indoor Childrens Play Area Pirate Themed With Climbing Ropes And Slide

What Visitors Think (from TripAdvisor):

  • “The pirate play area was a real hit with my 7 and 4 year old boys” AnnaP823
  • “Our young children absolutely loved the play area in the back of the restaurant” Clunderwen
  • “My granddaughter loved the play area” AbortedHoliday
  • “the ‘Pirate Ship’ Play area is brilliant, you can never get the children to leave” annibee4
  • “Kids loved the play area” Martin S
  • “Our 3 year old loved it. brilliant pirate ship and play area. we actually had a bit of food and drink in peace while he played” Emma496
  • “My Daughter Loved it” ecfc2000
  • “the kids were thrilled with the play area” Mischapan
  • “play area is amazing so you have peace while you eat their lovely food” 10liz1955

Gloucester Services Play Areas & Maze

Historically, service stations offer poor quality food and services… fairly ironic considering the name ‘service station’, isn’t it? The Westmorland Group however, decided to do things properly and serve high quality food whilst providing facilities for children to play, helping to break up long journeys so that their service area becomes a target more than a convenience. We built indoor and outdoor play areas on each side of the M5 motorway. See more pictures here.

westmorland gloucester services outdoor and indoor 1

What Visitors Think (from TripAdvisor):

  • “What a treat – fantastic quality wooden play area with a mini castle, slide, tunnels to hide in” Amy A
  • “The indoor play area for the children was fantastic and I’m sure my two would have spent the whole day, if allowed.” norman r
  • “The play area is great for any little ones” Charlotte T
  • “The play area was very impressive. Our grandson had a nice little play after sitting in the car for a few hours” sandra H
  • “We have 2 small children with us who loved the play areas” sknightjones
  • “amazing playing corner for kids” Pavel D
  • “excellent children’s play area” Andrew081
  • “Great children’s play area” debbie2618
  • “beautiful wooden children’s play area” Flutterby1981

Creating A Family Friendly Pub Or Restaurant

Offering an engaging and exciting pub or restaurant play area is a key element to creating a successful family restaurant. If parents and children can be happy through a meal, they are far more likely to return and to spread the positive news to other families. If the food is equally good, families will come back again and again – we have seen our clients achieve great success by incorporating a play area into their pub or restaurant. And if it’s memorable, like our bespoke play areas are, children and parents alike will remember your venue and think of you when they make plans to eat or drink out.

If you are looking to commission a pub or restaurant play area, please get in contact with us and we will walk you through the design process. With decades of play area design and construction experience, we can work from strict plans or create something entirely from scratch, no matter what size space you have available.

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