Covered Picnic Shelter

In the natural setting of Rushden Lakes, we constructed several split log picnic benches and an open sided picnic shelter, offering visitors the chance to shelter from the elements without removing themselves from the natural environment. Due to the natural setting of the venue, the brief was to create a rustic seating area in keeping with the surrounds.

picnic bench shelter

rear of picnic shelter

A Bridge, A Pond Dipping Platform, & More Seating

In addition to the picnic benches and shelter, we also built a wooden bridge, a pond dipping platform, several other picnic benches, and some feature seating, including the dragonfly bench you see below.

picninc hut and boardwalk bridge

rushden lakes pond dipping platform
split log rustic picnic bench 1200
dragonfly seating 1200

Other Creations At Rushden Lakes

In addition to all of the above creations, we also made a series of natural play areas, giant animal sculptures, and wooden carvings at Rushden Lakes, all in keeping with the natural, rustic theme.

heron nest rushden lakes play area
menacing spider climb rushden lakes play area
sinking ship rushden lakes play area
three giant starlings
otter carving on ground

Your Project

Use this project to get ideas for your own project and take a look at our other seating and picnic area creations for further inspiration. Then get in touch with us via phone or email to let us know what you are looking for and we will help to turn your ideas into reality. We look forward to hearing from you.

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How To Order

Number 1

Tell us a little about the project and thoughts you might already have. Russell, our founder and designer, will then be in touch. Often we will visit the area and research the theme comprehensively.

Number 2

You'll receive a drawn plan, written proposal and a fixed price quote for the project, along with any recommendations for design and materials.

Number 3

If you're happy with the proposal then construction begins. We'll send you pictures and updates ready for when we deliver and install.

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