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Writing Desk And Mirror Childrens Pirate Bedroom Themed Interior 2Flights of Fantasy received a phone call shortly before Christmas 2012 asking if a themed pirate bedroom could be installed as a surprise on Christmas Day. Never wanting to fail on a challenge – despite the tight timelines – we set to work straight away.

The Brief: To Delight and Enchant

The bedroom needed to be completely re-decorated and designed to encompass a pirate style theme. A whole new pirate world was to be created within the realms of this one room with a treasure trove of fantastic features and play accessories emerging slowly upon exploration, adding fuel to the imagination.

The focal point of the pirate bedroom would be the pirate ship themed bed which would be built complete with handy storage. The bedroom would also feature, a pirate writing desk, a mirror, a treasure chest toy box, a gunpowder laundry basket, a cupboard, and a wall mural all focused around the theme of pirates.

Pirate Bed And Decorated Room Childrens Pirate Bedroom Themed Interior 2
Pirate Bedsheets Childrens Pirate Bedroom Themed Interior 2

Pirate Bed With Jolly Roger Childrens Pirate Bedroom Themed Interior 2Overcoming Barriers: Time Constraints and Existing Structures

Despite the looming deadline of Christmas, our team worked quickly on the designs and construction. We didn’t let the pressing deadline impair our imagination or the need to see the job done to the highest quality with the authentic level of detail for which we are known.

The fantasy pirate bedroom project had to ensure we incorporated two existing cupboards. We were allowed to adapt these by adding carved cornices to the tops and replacing one of the doors with a full sized realistic moonlight pirate scene.

Writing Desk Childrens Themed Pirate Bedroom Interior 2Materials and Imagination: Completely Unique

The centrepiece of the bedroom – the wooden pirate ship bed – was built with a 3’ x 6’ mattress on the main deck of the pirate ship, whilst the fore and rear deck housed some fantastically realistic features including a mast and ship’s wheel. Knowing how much all children love secrets, the bed head cunningly hid a secret compartment which could be used to stash away all sorts of treasures.

The pirate bed was hand crafted to accommodate extensive shelving, a reading light and three large drawer spaces under the main deck area.

Accessories and Apparatus: Detailed, Intriguing and Imaginative

A huge 8’ x 4’ mural seascape scene was designed to face the bed, allowing the captain to stare out from his own pirate bed, keeping an eye on any approaching ships or sea monsters.

A large bureau complete with carvings, pictures, and captivating secret compartments was designed and made to fulfil every wish of the pirate captain. Whether scrutinising treasure maps, hiding away secret keys or using the pull out computer rest to do his homework, this bureau has everything a would-be pirate needs.

Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box 1Every pirate is on the hunt for treasure and this bedroom features a treasure chest toy box! Whether stashing their own loot or hiding secret maps, this treasure chest looks very authentic and can conceal a range of treasures. We designed and hand made the treasure chest play accessory complete with no-trap lid and gas assisted strut closers to ensure safety.

Other play accessories were meticulously designed and installed all with authentic detail and hand finished to complete the look of the themed bedroom. These included a barrel lamp, a gunpowder keg laundry barrel, a feature mirror, and a crocodile soft toy rug which prowls at the base of the ship.

Back Wall Childrens Pirate Bedroom Themed Interior 2Project Summary: Lasting Memories and a Treasured Heirloom

The pirate bedroom makeover was a resounding success and this imaginatively themed bedroom is set to evoke countless childhood memories. This completely bespoke bedroom is a one-off that will not be found anywhere else. The individual features and pieces are timeless and designed to be discovered and enjoyed time and again. This beautifully themed bedroom will provide much pleasure and can be handed down as a treasured family heirloom.

Designing Your Perfect Themed Bedroom

Use this themed pirate bedroom as inspiration for your own project, but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries in whatever way you want. Add extra features, incorporate other themes, and do whatever else you can think of to challenge us to make you the best themed bedroom you can imagine. Please get in touch with us to discuss your idea and we will walk you through the design process.

Please also take a look at our indoor furniture and themed bedrooms and interiors pages for further inspiration.

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