Patric Reutersward Play Train

Patric Reutersward And Blj4 Langshytten Play Trains In Production Stages
The Patric Reutersward and BLJ 4 Langshyttan replica play trains in production stages at our workshop

A True-To-Life Play Train

The Patric Reutersward is tailored to carry on the legacy of Flights of Fantasy machines, and is the smaller of the Swedish twin trains that we exported to Sweden in the summer of 2013 (the other being the BLJ 4 Langshyttan).

The Brief: To Achieve Realism Like No One Else Can

Like all others before it, realism was the keystone of the design process: the client had asked for an exact replica of the original Patric Reutersward and Flights of Fantasy had just the experience needed to make one. As you can see by the side by side comparisons of the real train and the play train we created, we included many of the key features that characterise the Patric Reutersward and make it recognisable. In addition to remaining true to the original, our play replica also includes multiple play features to make it as engaging and exhilarating as possible for the children. The inside is accessible, allowing children to enter and crawl through the train.

Main View Patrick Reutersward Replica Childrens Play Train With Slide Slide Pole And Ladder
Patrick Reutersward

Materials and Imagination: Great Looks Crossed With Aesthetics

The slide, boiler, footplates and ladder are all made of galvanised steel, so even after ten years of use the wear and tear will barely be visible. Even in the quaint little town of Kolsva, 90km west of Uppsala, the little train gets regular use.

Back View Patrick Reutersward Replica Childrens Play Train With Slide Slide Pole And Ladder
Koping Uttersbergs Jarnvag 7 Patrick Reutersward Replica Childrens Play Train With Slide Slide Pole And Ladder

Front Patrick Reutersward Replica Childrens Play Train With Slide Slide Pole And LadderAccessories and Apparatus

Similar to the BLJ 4 Langshyttan, every last bit of the boiler invites you to come and climb on it. It has a slide on the back, a slide pole on one side and, of course, a cabin where a team of young engineers can take the train for a spin. The list  of play apparatus includes:

  • A slide
  • A slide pole
  • A climb ladder
  • A climb over and under boiler
  • Climb poles on both sides of the train
  • Accessible interior and cab

Project Summary: A Project To Remember

The Swedish twins (as they are locally known) are a nice little reminder that no-one else can do what Flights of Fantasy does best – make truly special, faithful replicas of iconic attractions. While Sweden, Denmark and Norway all have bespoke play equipment companies of their own, none of them could produce exactly what the client wanted which is exactly why they came to us and we are very proud of our replica play trains.

Climbing Ladder Patrick Reutersward Replica Childrens Play Train With Slide Slide Pole And LadderTrains, Train, Trains

The Patric Reutersward is just one design from our ever growing fleet of trains and, as with all our products, is fully customisable. Changing the colour, varying the play features, or even adding a station (like we did at Wallington) are all possibilities.

We really enjoyed the challenge of replicating such an iconic train and would love the opportunity to make replicas of other famous trains, so if you have an idea for a play train (or some other play idea), please get in contact with us to discuss a potential project.

For pricing information, please refer to our pricing page.

You may also want to take a look at the main trains page and the replica landmarks page because we also make play equipment replicas of famous buildings.

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