A Realistic Play Tractor in Norway

Massey Ferguson Replica Wooden Play Tractor In Norway 07

We took this growler – an authentic replica of a Massey Ferguson tractor – all the way to Kongeparken in Norway . The park is partnered with Massey Ferguson in respect of one particular ride, and we were asked to produce a one-off realistic play tractor – so here it is! It really feels as … Read more

Another Pirate Ship Joins Our Armada

Canons And Climbing Rope Houghton Conquest School Outdoor Wooden Play Area Pirate Ship

Another pirate ship has joined our fast growing armada! This treated softwood pirate ship was designed to produce a highly cost effective centrepiece for an outdoor school play area at Houghton Conquest. Capable of accommodating 20-30 children including those running around and involved in role play, this is a unique design which helps raise the profile of the school. When … Read more