This Giant Heron’s Nest Is Actually A Children’s Play Tower

Climbing frames used to be lifeless metal structures that served as unimaginative play features, offering children the opportunity to develop their physical skills without encouraging creativity or enticing them to play regularly. We believe any play area can offer so much more. That’s why we build creative play apparatus that encourages children to be creative and play simultaneously.

One of our latest creations is a rustic climb structure, modelled upon a heron’s nest. The structure fits naturally with the rural surroundings and has seating so that parents can relax whilst children play.

herons nest ladder at rusden lakes
picnic benches and herons nest
ladder to herons nest play area

We like to add decorative touches that make our play areas more exciting and memorable to children, so we incorporated several metal heron sculptures and a collection of eggs into this design.

metal herons rushden lakes play area
heron eggs rushden lakes play area
metal heron sculpture rushden lakes play area

This is just one of four natural themed play areas that we built at Rushden Lakes, along with a series of giant animal sculptures and wooden animal carvings. You can see more pictures of the heron’s nest climb apparatus and other play areas here.

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