Environmental Credentials

We Are Passionate About The Environment

At Flights of Fantasy, we are passionate about the environment and, from sourcing timber through to working and travelling, we endeavor to work efficiently and recycle or re-use everything we can.

Sustainably Sourced Timber

The Wild Deck Company uses timber that has been sustainably sourced and it is our policy not to use materials that do not have authentic, sustainability credentials.

We consider the FSC to be a genuine guarantee of sustainability, and we find that locally produced softwood and hardwood satisfies our standards and those of our clients.

Reducing Travel & Our Carbon Footprint

Where possible, we minimise our road travel to help reduce congestion and avoid excessive fossil fuel use. We visit clients all over the UK so we are careful to keep the impact of our travel to a minimum.

We generally make one trip for an installation and will then stay onsite or nearby until the entire project is completed. We ensure that subsequent trips to inspect and maintain installations are scheduled in with other visits in the area to reduce our carbon footprint.

Waste Disposal & Recycling… & Bessie

We have designed and constructed a superbly efficient wood burner, affectionately called Bessie. She keeps us warm in the winter and we carefully grade and burn any timber waste and off cuts that cannot be re-used. Even our ash is saved and used for agricultural purposes. Metal is carefully scrapped and any non-combustible materials, unsuitable for fuel, are either stored for re-use or disposed of locally.

How To Order

Number 1

Tell us a little about the project and thoughts you might already have. Russell, our founder and designer, will then be in touch. Often we will visit the area and research the theme comprehensively.

Number 2

You'll receive a drawn plan, written proposal and a fixed price quote for the project, along with any recommendations for design and materials.

Number 3

If you're happy with the proposal then construction begins. We'll send you pictures and updates ready for when we deliver and install.

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