Play Area Testimonials & Reviews

What clients and visitors say about our creations, and how they talk about Flights of Fantasy as an organisation is something that makes us incredibly proud of what we do. A lot of our work comes from repeat customers and ‘word of mouth’ because when we undertake a project, we work incredibly hard to supply the best possible design that we can, which inevitably leads to further work or personal recommendations to other potential clients. This positive feedback reassures us that our dream of making the best play equipment in the world is more than just a fantasy – instead, we bring the fantasies to life.

Below we have included a few testimonials from clients, as well as published reviews mentioning our play areas on Tripadvisor.

What Do Clients Think?

fountains abbey play areaFountains Abbey & Studley Royal:

“Providing great experiences and giving our visitors reasons to return is at the heart of everything we do. We wanted to create a woodland play area that would encourage imaginative and creative play, a space that provided opportunities for children to experience risk and challenge, and one that allowed children of a range of ages and abilities to play together. Flights of Fantasy designed a play area that has delighted our family visitors and resulted in the busiest August we have ever seen. Their bespoke design used natural materials sympathetic to the surroundings of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal and responded to the challenges outlined in our brief. We have received lots of lovely feedback since the play area opened last month.”

castlewellan forest parkFiona Barbour from Castlewellan Forest Park:

“Despite its majestic stone castle, breath taking lake, national arboretum and one of Europe’s largest outdoor mazes, Castlewellan Forest Park had no play area for children or families. Flights of Fantasy designed and built a completely bespoke, outdoor play area that celebrated the unique character of the Forest Park with the material used meaning it was entirely in keeping with the forest environment. The Moorish Tower and Red Kite Bird’s Nest design exceeded all expectations with the quality of the workmanship and acute attention to detail. From pre-tender stage to completion, the entire Flights of Fantasy team have been a pleasure to work with, adopting both a personal approach off-site and operating to a high professional standard on site. Russell’s vision and passion to create an iconic play area for Castlewellan Forest Park has resulted in a hugely successful nature play area that families are now enjoying!”

whisby natural worldWhisby Natural World:

“I am incredibly impressed at your aftercare and service and want to thank you again for delivering us a truly amazing indoor play area. The positive comments we have had from customers have been fantastic.”

PA to private client for whom we built a playhouse:

“After having a chance to speak to [the client] in depth, I can confirm that she is delighted with the playhouse…..Thank you again for everything that you have done, your collective work has been exceptional and I appreciate it tremendously as it has brought about such fantastic and timely results!”

samlesbury hallSamlesbury Hall:

“When we first had the idea of the Mayflower Playground, we knew when we found your website that there was no other company to do the job. Sharon had seen your work at Hatfield House and knew we needed a “mini Samlesbury”. We met with Russell who we knew from our first meeting that he was the man for the job –after providing us with some basic sketches we felt confident that the finished result would be great.However –I never in a million years imagined just how good the actual playground would be, the attention to detail on the Hall especially is incredible. The team who installed the playground were probably the hardest working group we’ve ever seen here at the Hall!We have already seen countless children visit, including those who say they would never normally come and visit a historic house. Thank you so much for helping Samlesbury become a welcoming place for families to visit.We cannot recommend you enough –please do ask if you ever need any references as we would be delighted to. Just a note form the Hall Director –She says she has never dealt with such a professional approachable company with what she considers to be the best product on the market.”

What Do Visitors Think?

All of the following reviews are public reviews of our public play areas that have been left on Tripadvisor.

fountains abbey play areaFountains Abbey and Studley Royal Rustic Outdoor Play Area – TripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘We enjoyed it that much that just 2 days later we are visiting again. The children’s play area is just fantastic – it’s the best play area we have ever taken the children to – lots of climbing frames, ball games, swings and zip line, so something for all ages.’ Lauren H
  • ‘Fantastic adventure play area. The recently opened adventure play area is worth the entrance money alone, numerous climbing, exercise wooden frames to explore and play on, build your own den and much much more, a must for the kids. Great addition to a fantastic historical sight.’ sammyc
  • ‘A fantastic play area!! […] I used to come to this place years ago with my children. If I was doing so now, I’d have the added advantage of a fabulous adventure park.’ Rossi G
  • ‘The new children’s play area is lovely and quirky – beautifully hand carved, it was the perfect ending to the perfect day for all.’ Nina B
  • ‘If you have children you will have to drag them away from the play area!!’ Serenity985
  • ‘The Play area is not to be missed.’ Richard 564
  • ‘it is fantastic , a great investment, entertained our 3 grandchildren for ages, as well as parents’ yogini2

hatfield houseHatfield House Adventure Play Area & Replica Landmark – TripAdvisor Reviews:

  • ‘The playground is brilliant’ Sarah G
  • ‘Brilliant place to take younger children, lovely play area, […] couldn’t ask for more’ emma1french
  • ‘Bloody Hollow play area was a great success’ Ann S
  • ‘excellent play area for smaller children to make the most of their day’ Andrew F
  • ‘the Bloody Hollow playground which is just amazing for the children […] The children would have happily carried on playing but we managed to persuade them to visit the farm’ MadItchyFeet
  • ‘great play area’ elvis priceley
  • ‘we went in the bloody hollow play area, couldn’t get them out’ tobyHertfordshire
  • ‘wonderful miniature Hatfield House play area’ Valbeadle
  • ‘Our kids loved the farm and play area’ mallratt_1978
  • ‘The highlight for us was the Adventure Playground (named Bloody Hollow). We were with two 4 year olds, a 6 year old & a 7 year old and they would have played here for hours. Great space, with a few picnic tables or grassy slope for adults to sit on.’ whodhavekids
  • ‘Adventure playground superb’ Jean E

wallington hall locomotiveWallington Hall Locomotive & Station, and Forest FortTripadvisor Reviews

  • ‘Children’s play with a fort railway station and yurt keeps them busy for hours!’ paulw1001
  • ‘And as soon as we entered the estate they charged off in search of adventure – the seven and four-year-old headed straight for the play area, closely followed by the almost-two-year-old. Swings, climbing frames, trim trails and lots of sticks to play with and inspire their imagination. But their favourite play area was the wooden castle climbing frame complete with rope bridges, climbing wall and lots of ladders and windows to peep in and out of.
    A big hit – even with the eldest child (18!!)’ CarolyneC19
  • ‘A fantastic…and I mean fantastic childens’ play area and woodland activities’ Susan D
  • ‘A wonderful place […] We were particularly impressed with the children’s play areas and train and station.’ Thomas D
  • ‘The kiddies love the different play areas’ HNcc
  • ‘As we have young children, we spend alot of our time there in the various children’s play parks, the particular favourites of our 7 & 3 year old boys are the fort park and the train park.’ Daftgit
  • ‘My sons made significant use of the excellent play areas (closer to the house) and would probably have spent most of the day there, given half the chance!’ Neldoo
  • ‘The children play areas have improved and are perfect for children of all ages.’ geordielass96
  • ‘Family friendly- children will love this place […] Could easily spend a whole day here’ Paul C
  • ‘One of the best [National] Trust play areas.’ Allans1519
  • ‘The provision of the children’s play areas are excellent and great fun can be had in the children’s fort and railway station.’ Lesley E
  • ‘My four children really loved the play areas.’ Hannah M
  • ‘we took a short walk to the first play area which the grandson loved. Next it was onto the play area with the train, this too was great fun […] Thirdly the favourite for our grandson had to be the wooden fort. He absolutely loved this and we ended up staying there quite a while.’ GatesheadCheekychops
  • ‘Love it, brilliant for all the family, […] a firm favourite with great play areas for the kids.’ Debbie N
  • ‘importantly the children got to play on and loved the play areas!’ Malcolm W
  • ‘Kids loved the play park and train play park.’ D E
  • ‘the kids loved the play grounds’ Paul M
  • ‘My kids loved the several play parks dotted round the grounds’ Vicki B
  • ‘brilliant children’s play areas’ geeklove
  • ‘Super play areas for children’ Driffenbeg

anderton boat liftAnderton Boat Lift Miniature Replica Play AreaTripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘Children love the newly opened play area – we took our Grandson 2 days running he loved it so much.’ xxxxx04
  • ‘lovely play area for the kids’ Giframac
  • ‘The kids play area is great’ The Mellors
  • ‘Went with 6 and 9 yr old Excellent play park’ gavinmck
  • ‘great outside play area for younger ones’ Hawkgirl654

The Ffolkes Arms Hotel Adventure Playground – TripAdvisor Reviews

  • ffolkes arms hotel“play area is excellent and would lend itself to children’s parties” Diana A
  • “fabulous outside play area, beautifully done with two lovely outside seating areas” Charlie1244
  • “Great outdoor area and play ground for the kids” Bent0s
  • “We are locals who like bringing our children here because of the great play area” mnowers
  • “Play area for the children is fantastic” outnabout1982
  • “the children ( and some not children) loved the outdoor play area” hilgaydn
  • “The overall restoration is outstanding and the children’s play area is amazing, personally I think the difference is incredible” Noelyne F
  • “there is a brilliant children’s play area so you can enjoy a drink and chat with family & friends while the kids have fun” dmcobb52

duke of cambridge pubThe Duke Of Cambridge Pub Rustic Play Area – TripAdvisor Reviews

  • “Great for children in the play area where you can order food without going into bar” chrisgup
  • “Our two kids played for hours (they are 3 and 6 and both found ways to play happily and safely in the well designed play area)” ChatsJ
  • “The outside play area was enjoyed by the kids and kept them occupied allowing the adults to enjoy evening too” Peter W
  • “superb play area for youngsters” Medstead
  • “The play area was fantastic for our 3 and 5 year olds” vixiepixie84
  • “Ideal for kids with play area. Garden very relaxing, even with kids playing” kodabear75
  • “super new play area outside that kids love” LynneC952
  • “The new play area is fab, kids loved it and were amused the whole time” Gemma S

the mulberry pirate shipThe Mulberry Pub Pirate Ship Play Area – TripAdvisor Reviews

  • “my granddaughter was really pleased that there was a wonderful play area with a wooden climbing frame shaped like a boat outside” Papgayo12
  • “We were also impressed with the new pirate ship play area outside” SE7227
  • “The improvements to the outdoor seating area with the pirate play ship are great” Jimmymac83
  • “pirate ship for children is excellent” AMRMT2014
  • “The kids loved it, playing on the pirate ship. They definitely want to go back” Sidw80

Smugglers Bar & Grill Indoor Pirate Play AreaTripAdvisor Reviews

  • smugglers bar and grill“The pirate play area was a real hit with my 7 and 4 year old boys” AnnaP823
  • “Our young children absolutely loved the play area in the back of the restaurant” Clunderwen
  • “My granddaughter loved the play area” AbortedHoliday
  • “the ‘Pirate Ship’ Play area is brilliant, you can never get the children to leave” annibee4
  • “Kids loved the play area” Martin S
  • “Our 3 year old loved it. brilliant pirate ship and play area. we actually had a bit of food and drink in peace while he played” Emma496
  • “My Daughter Loved it” ecfc2000
  • “the kids were thrilled with the play area” Mischapan
  • “play area is amazing so you have peace while you eat their lovely food” 10liz1955

westmorland gloucester servicesWestmorland Services Indoor & Outdoor Play AreasTripAdvisor Reviews

  • “What a treat – fantastic quality wooden play area with a mini castle, slide, tunnels to hide in” Amy A
  • “The indoor play area for the children was fantastic and I’m sure my two would have spent the whole day, if allowed.” norman r
  • “The play area is great for any little ones” Charlotte T
  • “The play area was very impressive. Our grandson had a nice little play after sitting in the car for a few hours” sandra H
  • “We have 2 small children with us who loved the play areas” sknightjones
  • “amazing playing corner for kids” Pavel D
  • “excellent children’s play area” Andrew081
  • “Great children’s play area” debbie2618
  • “beautiful wooden children’s play area” Flutterby1981

Croft Castle Themed Play AreaTripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘the most wonderful small castle on the kiddies playground, the stuff that kids dreams are made of. We have never seen a castle in any other childrens playground and it was so enjoyed by the children who were playing in it’ Valerie H
  • ‘The kids LOVED the castle playground’ njldk13
  • ‘Fab play area if you have kids’ FrankiePrice
  • ‘brilliant play area’ ClaireyDavies
  • ‘he little castle play area is a firm favourite’ hedoniser
  • ‘When you start with a castle based play area what can go wrong? Trying to get my five year old away to enjoy the rest of the facilities was the biggest challenge!’ Rory S
  • ‘lovely castle themed play area which my son loved’ marie12336

pirate folly farm circleFolly Farm Pirate Adventure Play Area & Play Farm MachineryTripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘There’s activities for all ages, and a big favourite of ours this time around was the pirate ship play areas and also the ride-on tractors… We struggled to drag the boys away from both!’ Catrin O
  • ‘The outdoor play grounds are great, they really bring out your child’s inner pirate and explorer’ Tamsin B
  • ‘My daughter loved the massive pirate ship play area and could have spent hours just in this part of the park’ Steph M
  • ‘the kids were lost in a pirate fantasy’ Wayne F
  • ‘Outdoor play areas are excellent […] Our children without fail sleep the entire way home!’ deeceebee2014
  • ‘the kids were almost beside themselves with glee at being able to fully play on the outdoor equipment. They loved the pirate ship with the walkways and skulls best of all’ Jo H
  • ‘The outdoor pirate play area was amazing! Well thought out, down to the little details! Our kids loved it there!’ Terri J
  • ‘The children loved the outdoor pirate play area’ Kerrie H
  • ‘Children loved the pirate themed play area’ Charminsal
  • ‘The pirate play area was a massive hit for the kids as well as adults!’ Aleox85
  • ‘Black barts pirate cove adventure park outdoors was also brilliant’ joolz176
  • ‘The outdoor play areas are exceptional, with pirate ship adventure playgrounds […] all very well thought out and constructed.’ ken649

noahs arkNoah’s Petting Ark At DreamlandTripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘Love the Ark’ Kate A
  • ‘we went into the ‘Ark’ 3 times! My 6 year old son loves it’ James B
  • ‘Amazing […] Our highlight was the new Ark!’ sarah b
  • ‘our highlight apart from the retro rides was the animal ark. What an experience.’ Sylv5975
  • ‘loved the animal ark’ Lydia C

Farnham Park Adventure Play AreaTripAdvisor Reviews

  • farnham park‘Our first visit to Farnham Park and it won’t be our last. It has one of the nicest adventure playgrounds we have discovered in the UK. The kids could have stayed playing on this rustic looking, wooden playground and it’s bridge, fort and slides for hours. Only left because the dark storm clouds started to roll in.’ Katrina B
  • ‘Excellent Children’s Playground’ London_Redstar
  • ‘amazing play area’ paulandmaz30
  • ‘Incredible new adventure playground: The new playground in Farnham Park is fantastic for children of all ages. With a zip wire, castle, swings, high beams and much more it is a wonderful setting for a walk and play. I wish there was one of these near me when I grew up!’ Ian C
  • ‘The new adventure playground is a must-see’ Jane S
  • ‘brilliant play area’ chrisgup
  • ‘We went to visit the new adventure play park. It really is amazing, lots to do and in a nice big space so didn’t feel too busy. It was probably suitable for age 4 upwards, but our friends’ little girl still had fun running around and going on the slides. Looking forward to returning already.’ Jenni D

thameside nature parkThameside Adventure Play AreaTripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘fabulous kids play area out the front. We will definitely return!’ NichaUk
  • ‘fantastic play area for the youngster’ Smiff679
  • ‘We went with our 3 year old grandson, who loved the play equipment. Great to see this there, so even if you’re not that keen on spotting wildlife it’s still well worth a visit.’ CityBoy50
  • ‘Great for kids: Excellent play area and lots of space to play.’ Craig C
  • ‘Grandchildren love it here with the play area’ tr7girl
  • ‘What an amazing place. The play area is wonderful for youngsters imagination.’ louishaw
  • ‘Children loved the play area.’ Una M
  • ‘We spent three hours with my children playing, climbing and running around and a wonderful time was had by all of us.’ Helen G

whisby natural worldWhisby Natural World Indoor Play AreaTripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘We chose to have our sons fifth birthday party here, it was brilliant and so easy.’ caseycouple
  • ‘fab indoor play area’ RuthyEm
  • ‘Having children with me varying widely in age I was pleasantly surprised to find some beautiful well kept and easily accessible play areas suitable for all ages.’ Lynn C
  • ‘great younger kids indoor play area’ Charlotte K
  • ‘indoor imaginative play areas that the kids love’ thehun01

Little Kings Beach Themed Indoor Play AreaTripAdvisor Reviews

  • little kings‘the kids indoor play area is divine’ Wendywoman31
  • ‘Superb indoor kids play room area, top marks for this as the weather was mixed.’ darr1np

Sandringham Forest Adventure Play AreaTripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘excellent play area’ tyketyke
  • ‘the best adventure play area for children I have ever seen’ pip503
  • ‘awesome kids play area’ Laura A
  • ‘excellent play area for children’ Suzie P

Moseley Old Hall Tree HouseTripAdvisor Reviews

  • moseley old hall‘awesome tree house for children of all ages to explore’ Carolyn S
  • ‘The grounds are great and the tree house a must for all.’ ScotsExcile
  • ‘the most magnificent tree house I have ever encountered in my life!! As an adult I was truly impressed so you can imagine how my daughter must have felt. We certainly had some fun climbing it.’ jodiegiannetta
  • ‘wonderful tree house’ mark t
  • ‘Great tree house’ mrsrj_masters
  • ‘Fabulous tree house’ mkla07
  • ‘amazing tree house’ 554hap
  • ‘amazing tree house – I defy any adult as well as the kids not to climb it.’ Pg S
  • ‘The tree house is something else, children (big and small: ie aged between 66 and 5!!) had a fantastic time climbing around it and going on the rope swings along the woodland path.’ Jeannnie M
  • ‘the best part of the property is the 4 metre high tree house, superbly crafted and idea for kids of all ages!’ Philip S
  • ‘make sure you take the kids down to the tree house, although tree house doesn’t do it justice.’ GailSouthStaffs
  • ‘remarkable tree house – You can loose children there for hours’ mikeandros
  • ‘everyone must see the latest addition, the tree house, incredible.’ jayne l

abberton reservoirAbberton Reservoir Adventure Play AreaTripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘the children love the play area’ Kim S
  • ‘An imaginative and cleverly thought out natural play area with a zip wire and a birds nest! ‘ Choppette2000
  • ‘Just outside the visitors area is probably one of the most imagination play area’s I’ve seen for a long time, all using natural materials and built so that kids can use their imaginations.’ mrsbsouthend
  • ‘the play area was excellent and the children really enjoyed it’ victoria s
  • ‘lovely unique play area for children’ Traveller51_11
  • ‘It is worth a visit just for the play area, I’ve never seen anything like it. It has a tunnel, zip line a climbing frame tree house, rope bridge, climbing frame made out of branches and a fantastic birds nest you can climb up into, plus stepping stones etc. The only problem is trying to get the children out of there so you can do the walks, so I would recommend having lots of time to spend there.’ Debbie P
  • ‘Lovely childrens play area’ John P

Samlesbury Hall Replica Playhouse & Play AreaTripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘Then there is the play area which is one of the best we have ever seen. All the children thoroughly enjoyed it.’ duhig54
  • ‘incredible outdoor play area’ englishnat89
  • ‘wonderful play area’ V6309XYkaren

robert burns birthplace museumRobert Burns Birthplace MuseumTripAdvisor Reviews

  • ‘My kids love coming here and the new play park is brilliant.’ MelissaR2329
  • ‘Outside the museum there is a fantastic play area for children of all ages.’ TheJacquesTravels
  • ‘We had a coffee at the Robert Burns Museum yesterday with our grandchildren and they were delighted with the new children’s play area!’ hollieEMMA

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