Play Pirate Ships And Pirate Play Areas

Pirate Duel Pirate Galleon Giant Wooden Play Pirate Ship For ChildrenPlay Pirate Ships: Design & Construction

Every child loves to play at being a swashbuckling adventurer and what better way to do it than with their very own pirate ship? Our play pirate ships have proved one of our most popular creations since we made our first one way back in the last millennium, and it’s of little wonder why when you see their striking appearance. We begun by making the miniature play pirate ship which is suitable for use by smaller children or indoors due to its small size, then made a giant, 35 foot Pirate Galleon. Seeing them side by side shows the stark contrast in size between the two.

We make pirate ship play areas, pirate ship playground centrepieces, pirate ship beds and pirate themed furniture, miniature pirate ships that can be used indoors, and can make anything else that you can dream up. Everything that we make is fully customisable, meaning that you can have the exact piece of pirate ship play apparatus that you are looking for. Please take a look around this page to see our past creations and some of the features of our play pirate ships.

Page Contents: What We Stand For | Our Past Creations | Bespoke Design Services | Pirate Ship Playgrounds and Play Areas | Pirate Ship Beds and Pirate Ship Furniture | Indoor Pirate Ships | Funding and Grants | How The Design Process Works | Get In Contact With Us

What We Stand For at Flights of Fantasy

Bespoke Design Services

Everything that we make is custom built to your design and made by hand. We put everything together in our workshop in Norfolk and we paint our creations by hand, avoiding the use of subcontractors, retaining complete control over our creations.

High Quality Creations

We believe in making only the highest quality pieces of play equipment that will be around for decades with minimal maintenance. The fact that our first creation, the Tudor House, still stands after three decades is testament to this.

The Complete Package

From design through to construction, delivery, and installation, we offer the complete package. We can even help with funding and grant applications, so please don’t hesitate to involve us early in the design process of your new play area.

The Play Pirate Ships Of Old: Our Past Creations

We are very proud of all of creations and our play pirate ships are no exception. Below are some of our past creations with a brief description. Clicking on any pirate ship will take you to that individual item’s page, allowing you to see more pictures and find out more information about it.

Pirate Galleon

Two Pirates Pirate Galleon Giant Wooden Play Pirate Ship For Children

35 foot long and unforgettable, the pirate galleon is an incredibly striking piece of self contained play apparatus that can be moved in one (very large) piece. Read more about the Pirate Galleon.

The Scarlet Squid

Step Ladder The Scarlet Squid Willow Clad Wood Play Pirate Ship

Rustic by design to blend naturally into the environment, The Scarlet Squid pirate ship is very special, willow clad birthday surprise. Read more about The Scarlet Squid.

Houghton Conquest Pirate Ship

Main View Houghton Conquest School Pirate Ship Playground

Delicately finished in pastel colours, this play pirate ship is the first thing that anyone will see upon entering Houghton Conquest Lower School. Read more about Houghton Conquest Pirate Ship.

Miniature Pirate Ships

Miniature Play Pirate Ship

The miniature play pirate ship is our most recreated design and is suitable for younger children, indoor use, or use in limited space play environments. Read more about our miniature pirate ships.

The Mulberry Pirate Ship

The Mulberry Play Pirate Ship

Created for The Mulberry Pub, part of Robinsons Brewery, this pirate ship centrepiece was part of a pub refurbishment offering family entertainment. Read more about The Mulberry.

Saint John’s Pirate Play Area

Aerial Shot St. Johns School Pirate Ship Play Area 1

Made in a cost effective, panel design, we created this pirate ship as a playground centrepiece for St John’s School, offering interactive, creative play. Read more about St John’s Pirate Playground.

Saint Mary’s Pirate Playground

St Marys School Pirate Ship Play Area

We created a wheelchair friendly play pirate ship at St Mary’s School, offering inclusive play for all, that was part of a larger play area. Read more about St Mary’s Pirate Playground.

Shebbear Play Ship Centrepiece

Shebbear School Themed Play Area With Lighthouse And Pirate Ship

This play ship, along with a play lighthouse, acted as a centre piece in the themed play area that we designed for Shebbear School playground. Read more about Shebbear Play Ship.

Langton Green Pirate Ship

Side View Langton Green School Wooden Pirate Ship Play Area With Disabled Access 1

This post and panel pirate ship was opened in swashbuckling fashion, with all the staff and students dressing up like pirates for the grand opening. Read more about Langton Green Pirate Ship.

Highnam Under Fives Pirate Ship

Back With Slide Highnam Under Fives Pirate Ship Play Area 1

Designed for young children, this natural themed pirate ship is accessible to all and encourages creative play whilst promoting physical development. Read more about Highnam Under Fives Pirate Ship.

The Grange School Pirate Ship

Main View The Grange School Pirate Ship Play Area

Proudly displaying The Grange School’s logo and name, this pirate ship playground centrepiece makes a progressive statement about the school. Read more about The Grange Pirate Ship.

RSPB Newport Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship Rspb Newport Outdoor Play Area With Lighthouse And Cargo Ship By Flights Of Fantasy

This cargo ship is part of a larger adventure play area at RSPB Newport that also incorporates a miniature replica of the local lighthouse. Read more about RSPB Newport.

Ahoy Matey Pirate Ship

Setting Sail Ahoy Matey Play Pirate Ship

Clad in will and built from oak, this pirate ship balances bright colours and soft timber to blend into a natural garden setting. Read more about Ahoy Matey.

Folly Farm Pirate Playground

Folly Farm Pirate Play Area Icon

Themed around pirates and the tale of Black Bart, we built this pirate adventure play area at Folly Farm in Wales. Read more about Folly Farm.

Dreamland Pirate Ship

Bow Port Dreamland Play Pirate Ship

This is a simple pirate ship design that we made for Dreamland Margate, where we also made ‘Noah’s Petting Ark’Read more about Dreamland Pirate Ship.

Noah’s Petting Ark

Dreamland Noahs Ark 02

It’s not a pirate ship, but following the nautical theme of pirate ships we constructed a recreation of Noah’s Ark that functions as a petting zoo. Read more about Noah’s Petting Ark.

The Black Pearl

the black pearl pirate ship at mapesbury dell

The Black Pearl is a natural looking pirate ship that we built for Mapesbury Dell park and gardens in London, offering relaxation within the city. Read more about The Black Pearl at Mapesbury Dell.

Great Meols Primary School

great meols primary school pirate ship feature

Compact, yet full of play potential and appealing to children, this is the pirate ship that we built for Great Meols Primary School in the Wirral. Read more about Great Meols Pirate Ship.


Bolton Abbey Wharfedale

bolton abbey wharfdale pirate ship back

Elegant in a natural setting, this play pirate ship dreams of sailing away on the nearby river, but will be around for many years to come. Read more about Bolton Abbey’s pirate ship.

Plans Highnam Under Fives Pirate Ship Play AreaBespoke Pirate Ship Design Services

We are one of very few play equipment companies in the UK that make truly bespoke play equipment. Although we have made multiple versions of our miniature pirate ship, every single one is constructed and painted by hand, thus completely unique. When you come to us with an idea, we endeavour to bring that idea to life, resulting in a one off piece of play equipment that no one else in the world will have. With several decades of experience making one off, bespoke designs and our dedication to quality, we are sure that your custom made play pirate ship will be everything you want it to be and more.

We can customise any pirate ship to incorporate whatever piece of play apparatus you desire – slides, ladders, climb walls, climb nets, slide poles, and anything else that you can think of are possible. Take a look at our traditional play apparatus page and feel free to incorporate any elements into your design.

Please get in touch with us and we will walk you through the design process to make your perfect pirate ship.

Pirate Ship Beds, Pirate Themed Furniture, and Indoor Pirate Ships

Large, outdoor pirate ship play areas are just a part of what we create. As everything is bespoke, we can also make pirate themed furniture such as pirate ship beds, treasure chest storage boxes, and pirate writing desks, to name but a few ideas. We have even made a pirate themed indoor play area and our miniature pirate ships also work very well indoors. Below is an example of each, but don’t be afraid to suggest something entirely new.

Take a look at our themed furniture, indoor play areas, and themed interiors pages.

Pirate Playground Apparatus And Pirate Themed Play Areas

We love to incorporate a theme into our outdoor play areas and have incorporated everything from play trains to miniature replicas and play tractors to play combine harvesters into our play areas. Following a pirate theme and utilising a pirate ship as a playground centrepiece always results in a memorable play area. Below are a few of our pirate themed play areas.

St Marys Pirate Play Area
Shebbear Ship And Lighthouse Play Area
Main View With Plank Highnam Under Fives Pirate Ship Play Area 1
The Plank St. Johns School Pirate Ship Play Area

Funding And Grants

If your intended pirate ship play area is dependent on a successful funding application then let us know so that we can help it succeed. When quoting for a project we provide a written proposal, design sketches, example photographs, and accurate costings before any decision is made. By involving us early in the process we can more accurately tailor the design to the project so that it answers the brief of your funding, improving the likelihood of funding being awarded. To discuss how we can support your funding application, contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Interested in finding public funds and grants? We suggest that you try one of the following options:

The Design Process

You can get in touch with us us by email or phone and we will happily walk you through the design process. Typically it works something like this:

Number 2

Site visit

Where necessary, we’ll visit you and discuss your play area in detail.

Number 3

Proposal & quote

We’ll prepare a no obligation design proposal and quote for you to decide on.


Get in Contact With Us

To get in design with us, please send us an email or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and will walk you through the design process to make your perfect pirate ship play area.

How To Order

Number 1

Tell us a little about the project and thoughts you might already have. Russell, our founder and designer, will then be in touch. Often we will visit the area and research the theme comprehensively.

Number 2

You'll receive a drawn plan, written proposal and a fixed price quote for the project, along with any recommendations for design and materials.

Number 3

If you're happy with the proposal then construction begins. We'll send you pictures and updates ready for when we deliver and install.

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