Langton Green Pirate Ship Playground

Side View Langton Green School Wooden Pirate Ship Play Area With Disabled Access 1What matters most to us at Flights of Fantasy is that children have the time of their lives enjoying our play equipment. One of the most exhilarating and rewarding opening days we’ve ever attended was the one at Langton Green Primary School where 50 children and their teachers – all sporting full pirate attire – got into swashbuckling spirit amidst their new pirate ship playground.

The Brief: Inspire Young Imaginations

Langton Green School was looking to install play equipment specifically suited to their under-fives group. It would need to stimulate young imaginations and encourage boys and girls to discover the wonders of fantasy play.

The project called for plenty of traditional play apparatus to keep fresh minds motivated and to encourage the children to play together harmoniously. And at the heart of the play ground: a wonderfully authentic, completely unique, wooden pirate ship complete with billowing sail, incorporating the school’s logo. We wrapped up the new pirate ship playground for the children, attended the opening ceremony, and then took great pleasure in seeing the children enjoy their giant, new toy.

Galleon View Langton Green School Wooden Pirate Ship Play Area With Disabled Access 1
Slide Langton Green School Wooden Pirate Ship Play Area With Disabled Access
Junior Pirates Langton Green School Wooden Pirate Ship Play Area With Disabled Access 1

Overcoming Barriers: Keeping it Cost Effective

The school wanted to provide the children with as much play equipment as possible, and really wanted to stimulate and enthuse the children. However, they were working to a limited budget. We came up with a themed playground that would be long lasting and inspiring, yet thoroughly cost effective.

Accessories and Apparatus: A Lifetime of Excitement

This pirate ship themed playground is crafted from hardwood and, as with all Flights of Fantasy play equipment, built to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

The pirate ship is a cost effective post and panel construction incorporating a rear deck with ‘working’ ship’s wheel for budding captains to steer, a foredeck and main deck accessed by ladders, a fore-cabin, a plank (very important, of course), a mast, an abundance of climbing features for the children to experience, and a figure head to lead to pirate ship through misty, troubled waters.

The wooden play ship is surrounded by an eye-catching, coloured, safety fall surface and its authenticity is further enhanced courtesy of a wondrous blow through sail personalised with the school’s logo.

The playground was bedecked with an array of fascinating kids’ play accessories. Whether they’re walking the plank, scaling the climb wall, clambering up the climb net, or making their descent down the slide, the young would-be pirates really are in their element.

Pirate Opening Langton Green School Wooden Pirate Ship Play Area With Disabled AccessProject Summary: An Exhilarating Opening Day

The opening day was truly exhilarating. The school invited the local Mayor who said he’d opened many children’s play grounds, but had never seen anything like this one.

50 little boys and girls all dressed up as pirates – as were their teachers – quickly took control of their new ship. The girls were in charge of steering (of course) and occupied the rear deck whilst the boys were sent to the foredeck, all amidst animated chants of ‘boys on the front, girls on the back’.

A wonderful themed playground for the young children of Langton Green School to revel in: one that will last for years and continue to inspire generations to come.

Designing Your Pirate Ship Playground

This is just one of the many pirate ships that we have made in the past. Please use it as inspiration for your own design and get in contact with us to discuss a potential project. We are happy to walk you through the design process and can either work with ideas that you might have or come up with something completely new. Every single one of our designs is bespoke, meaning that you will have a pirate ship like no other, so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and make it exactly how you want it to be. If you are still looking for inspiration, take a look at our other play pirate ships, our pirate bedroom, and our pirate galleon.

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