Replica Landmarks & Miniatures

Wooden Replicas & Miniature Landmark Play Equipment

When designing themed play areas, we are often asked to replicate famous structures or private homes in a miniature version that is safe for children to play on. We can take recognisable features of a building and incorporate them into the design or we can re-create a faithful wooden replica as play equipment. We can recreate just about anything in play form and in the past we have made castles, ships, trains, farm equipment, and stately homes, representative of their real life counterparts. We can then add play apparatus and education features into the design.

Previous Play Landmarks & Miniature Recreations

He are some of our replica play areas along with the original structures that they are based upon, demonstrating how we can include real-life design into our play equipment. Our replica play structures are generally made to be recognisable, capturing the key features and characteristics of a their real life counter parts, without being exact, miniature clones. If an exact clone is what you are looking for, we can make that too.

Hatfield House

Hatfield House Replica Play Area

Based upon the historic Hatfield House, the centrepiece of this adventure play area is intricately detailed and instantly recognisable, capturing key elements of the real structure whilst offering huge play potential. Read more about Hatfield House.

Tudor Cottage

Tudor Cottage Replica Tudor House Playhouse

The Tudor Cottage playhouse is our original creation that we have replicated on multiple occasions. The design isn’t based on any single Tudor house, or cottage, but encapsulates characteristics of many. Read more about the Tudor Cottage.

Massey Ferguson Tractor

Massey Ferguson Replica Tractor

Buildings aren’t the only things we can recreate. This faithful recreation of a Massey Ferguson tractor is big enough for an adult – with real tractor tyres – and now lives at Kongeparken, Norway. Read more about the Massey Ferguson Tractor.

Wallington Hall Station & Locomotive

Wallington Hall Station Locomotive Replica Play Train

Nestled in the forest of Wallington Hall, this play area is a huge surprise for unsuspecting walkers, featuring a train station and 40 foot locomotive, capturing the spirit of the GWR steam train. Read more about Wallington Hall.

Avoncroft Windmill

Avoncroft Windmill Replica

Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings wanted a unique play area so we built a centrepiece that is a miniature replica of Danzey Green Windmill, a wooden post mill featuring a brick roundhouse made in 1820. Read more about Avoncroft Windmill.

Little Lodge Playhouse

Little Lodge Replica Playhouse

Little Lodge playhouse is a miniature version of our client’s real house, featuring two storeys. When they moved home, we collected the playhouse and redecorated it to match their new house. Read more about Little Lodge Playhouse.

Barton Bendish Church

Barton Bendish Replica Church

Based upon Barton Bendish Church, this small multi-play tower packs a lot of play potential into a small space. It is hand finished with a stone effect and incorporates the church’s notably distinguishable ‘mini turret’. Read more about Barton Bendish.

Pacific Locomotive

Pacific Locomotive Replica Play Train

Visually striking, this play train is based upon the Pacific Locomotive and looks like it might roar off at any moment. We loved seeing the shocked faces as we drove down the motorway with this on a trailer. Read more about the Pacific Locomotive.

Swiss Chalet

Swiss Chalet Replica Playhouse

Weighing in at over ten tonnes, this miniature replica isn’t that miniature after all! It mimics a huge chalet in Switzerland that lives in the Swiss Alps and gets buried by several feet of snow through winter. Read more about the Swiss Chalet.

East Usk Lighthouse

Rspb Newport Replica Lighthouse

Modelled on the East Usk Lighthouse, this lighthouse play area centrepiece was built for RSPB Newport. Whilst remaining true to the original, it offers a slide, climb wall, ladder, and slide pole. Read more about our play area at RSPB Newport.

BLJ 4 Langshyttan

Blj4 Langshyttan Replica Play Train

Based on the BLJ 4 Langshyttan, we delivered this play train to Uppsala in Sweden. It sits right beside the railway line where the real train passes, meaning visitors get to see them side by side for brief moments. Read more about the BLJ 4 Langshyttan.

Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester

Massey Ferguson Replica Combine Harvester

Built for Kongeparken in Norway, where we also built a play tractor, this Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester demonstrates that we can turn anything into play apparatus. Read more about the Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester.

The Pepperpot

Moss Lane Pepperpot Replica

Modelled on Godalming’s iconic Pepperpot, we built this standalone piece of play apparatus for a school, encouraging education through play and allowing children to be proud of their local heritage. Read more about the Godalming Pepperpot.

Magdalenka Summer House

Magdalenka Miniature Summer House Replica Playhouse

This playhouse in Magdalenka, Poland, is based upon our clients’ summer house. The two structures stand on opposite sides of the same garden, offering the children a place to play whilst the adults relax. Read more about Magdalenka Summer House.

Pirate Galleon

Pirate Ship Galleon Replica Miniature Play

Although not based on one particular pirate ship, both our Pirate Galleon and Miniature Pirate Ship are instantly recognisable and not easily forgotten. This is a centrepiece that constantly turns heads. Read more about the Pirate Galleon.

Samlesbury Hall

Samlesbury Hall Miniature Replica Playhouse

The play area we built for Samlesbury Hall features a true-to-life replica of the real hall and a miniature version of the Mayflower ship. This has made the site much more enjoyable for children, attracting families. Read more about Samlesbury Hall.

Noah’s Petting Ark

Noahs Petting Ark Replica At Dreamland

We all know the story of Noah’s Ark, but few of us expected to see it in the modern world. This is Noah’s Petting Ark, a petting zoo within an Ark, encouraging children to engage with animals. Read more about Noah’s Petting Ark.

Anderton Boat Lift

Anderton Boat Lift Miniature Replica Playground

Anderton Boat Lift is one of only two working boat lifts in the whole of the UK and we built a miniature of the real thing, capturing the key features of the boat lift whilst incorporating a boat. Read more about Anderton Boat Lift.


Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

Robert Burns Birthplace Museum Miniature Replica Playground

In honour of Scotland’s favourite son, we built a miniature replica of the home of the world renowned poet, Robert Burns, at his birthplace museum – an ode to his writing. Read more about Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

Tipping Trailer

tipping trailer play replica

Modelled on a typical piece of farm machinery, this replica of a tipping trailer is actually a slide wide enough for multiple children to use simultaneously. Read more about our Tipping Trailer at Folly Farm.


VW Camper

vw camper play replica

Part of Little Kings beach themed indoor play area, we recreated a miniature version of this iconic vehicle that doubles as a slide whilst also allowing children to sit in it. Read more about Little Kings Beach Themed Play Area.


yellow farm teleporter play replica

A regular part of farm life, we built a teleporter that encapsulates all the characteristics of the real machine. All our creations are unique, but this one is particularly niche! Read more about our play teleporter at Folly Farm.

Rapunzels Dreamhouse Exterior ViewAnything Is Possible!

As everything we make is completely bespoke, we can replicate whatever you desire, be it a famous landmark, machine, house, or anything else – even something from a fairy tale or movie. We can do realistic, true-to-life recreations or we can focus only on the most distinguishing features to make an engaging play area that is recognisable without compromising play potential. Whatever your needs, we can make your perfect piece of play apparatus.


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