Hatfield House Themed Adventure Play Area

Steeped in history, Hatfield House stately home was built in 1611 and has been in the Cecil family for 400 years. It was agreed that the newly planned themed playground and feature playhouse would need to be sympathetic and in keeping with the magnificent house and grounds. We created an expansive themed adventure playground that incorporates multiple pieces of play apparatus with a centre piece that is a miniature replica of the real Hatfield House.

The Brief: To Delight and Enchant

Looking Down Hatfield House National Trust Childrens Outdoor Wooden Play Area Replica By Flights Of Fantasy 1The project would include fully landscaping the intended site complete with a boundary oak fence of 280 metres and designing an adventure playground for children which would be physically challenging as well as delight and inspire through imaginative play.

At the heart of the new themed playground, an intriguing replica playhouse was to feature in the renaissance mirror image of Hatfield House that would not only act as a stunning focal point for visitors old and young, but amaze and enchant children beyond the realms of their dreams.

Please take a look at the photo mosaic of the Hatfield House play area below. Clicking an image will take you into slideshow mode where you can view larger versions of each image. For more information about this play area, please scroll down to the information under the image gallery.

A True-to-Life Replica

The centrepiece of Hatfield House adventure play area is a true-to-life, miniature replica of the real Hatfield House. We paid great attention to detail in ensuring that we captured all of the most important, defining features, making it instantly recognisable.


Design Considerations

Rope Bridge Hatfield House National Trust Childrens Outdoor Wooden Play Area ReplicaOvercoming Barriers: Breath Taking Drops in Bloody Hollow

The new play area was to be built in a natural hollow of an old quarry site, eerily named Bloody Hollow over 283 years ago. The site threw up a real challenge when it came to planning the installation of the themed play equipment; drops in excess of 30 feet took our breath away, but as with all our bespoke projects, we found a way to make the area safe and ready for the installation of the playground and feature playhouse.

Materials & Imagination: True to Period Detail & Built to Last a Lifetime

Built 3.8 metres high and over 11 metres long, this astoundingly unique play house is faithfully proportioned and completely true to period detail, from the colour of the brickwork to the intricate design of the windows to the amazing detail of the turrets.

This stunning original wooden playhouse is constructed from marine plywood and oak which is built to last a lifetime and is purposely designed to weather to grey. It was hand painted and distressed to give it an older, weathered feel which is in keeping with its original counterpart, Hatfield House stately home.

Accessories and Apparatus: Adventure Fuelled Imagination

Multi Play Tower Hatfield House National Trust Childrens Outdoor Wooden Play Area ReplicaIn addition to this stunning centre piece, other playground features were hand crafted to fit in with the adventure play area. All were fastidiously fashioned from FSC oak to blend in with the surroundings and to present a natural feel whilst maintaining extraordinary durability.

Two heavy oak towers complete with monkey bars prove popular with much hilarity and squeals of delight as children swing through the air. A tree house with tower and ladder allow for more games of hide and seek and imaginative escapism. The cantilever basket swing and aerial runway provide exhilaration and excitement.

The range of play equipment accessories was a comprehensive one and incorporated:

  • Springies
  • See Saw
  • Play Towers Hatfield House National Trust Childrens Outdoor Wooden Play Area Replica By Flights Of FantasyLadder
  • Climb wall
  • Climb net
  • Aerial runway
  • Cantilever swing
  • Heavy oak swing
  • Two rope V-bridges
  • Ramps
  • Tubular swivel slide
  • Two heavy multi-play oak towers with monkey bars
  • Tree house with tower and with internal ladder

Project Summary: Memories that Last a Lifetime

The end result is a themed playground that is thoroughly bespoke to Hatfield House, complete with a notably striking wooden playhouse centrepiece boasting wonderful, faithful period detail. It has proved extremely popular with both parents and children alike with the creation of memories that will last a lifetime.

A Play Area Full of Children

Since opening, the play area has been very popular with visitors and used continuously. Here are a few shots of families enjoying the different pieces of apparatus – something that makes us both proud and happy.

Overview Hatfield House Childrens Outdoor Wooden Play Area Full Of Kids By Flights Of Fantasy
Climbing Hatfield House Childrens Outdoor Wooden Play Area Full Of Kids By Flights Of Fantasy
Full Area Hatfield House Childrens Outdoor Wooden Play Area Full Of Kids By Flights Of Fantasy

Visitor Reviews

The following reviews are all taken from the public review site, TripAdvisor:

  • ‘The playground is brilliant’ Sarah G
  • ‘Brilliant place to take younger children, lovely play area, […] couldn’t ask for more’ emma1french
  • ‘Bloody Hollow play area was a great success’ Ann S
  • ‘excellent play area for smaller children to make the most of their day’ Andrew F
  • ‘the Bloody Hollow playground which is just amazing for the children […] The children would have happily carried on playing but we managed to persuade them to visit the farm’ MadItchyFeet
  • ‘great play area’ elvis priceley
  • ‘we went in the bloody hollow play area, couldn’t get them out’ tobyHertfordshire
  • ‘wonderful miniature Hatfield House play area’ Valbeadle
  • ‘Our kids loved the farm and play area’ mallratt_1978
  • ‘The highlight for us was the Adventure Playground (named Bloody Hollow). We were with two 4 year olds, a 6 year old & a 7 year old and they would have played here for hours. Great space, with a few picnic tables or grassy slope for adults to sit on.’ whodhavekids
  • ‘Adventure playground superb’ Jean E

Designing Your Adventure Play Area

Use this themed, adventure play area as inspiration for your own project, but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries in whatever way you want. Add extra features, incorporate interesting themes, and do whatever else you can think of to challenge us to make you the best adventure play area possible. Please get in touch with us to discuss your idea and we will walk you through the design process.

Please also take a look at our other outdoor play areas, tree houses, multi-play towers, and replica landmarks for further inspiration – all of these concepts were amalgamated in this project to make the expansive play area that you see here.

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Main View Hatfield House National Trust Childrens Outdoor Wooden Play Area Replica By Flights Of Fantasy 1

Hatfield House Real

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