Shebbear School Ship and Lighthouse Play Area

When Shebbear College in Devon first told us what they wanted us to build, we were certain they’d been peeking at our Christmas list. The playground envisaged by the college staff would include a lighthouse structure and a tethered ship nearby. Two of our specialities!

The Brief: To Make a Schoolyard Centrepiece to be Treasured by Generations

The final proposal truly was a dream playground with enough play accessories to keep a whole class of children entertained for hours. Children could climb from the ship to the lighthouse and vice versa over a rope bridge, climb up the side of the lighthouse any way they liked, stand on the deck of the ship and embark on their own treacherous voyage across the schoolyard, or hide out in the spacious seating area under the lighthouse.

Shebbear College is located in the middle of North Devon – a beautiful part of the country where you’re never far from the coast. But, if you remember March of 2013, you’ll have memories of how spring simply failed to arrive which meant that one half of the play area was installed in a torrential downpour, and the other half in sub-zero temperatures and blizzards! Not that it eroded the team’s morale – the play area was installed on time, and, in Russell’s own words, “everything went like clockwork”

Materials and imagination: A gateway to adventure

The ship for this play area was painted with unconventional colours – when left up to the imagination, it could become anything – a pirate galley, a container ship, a speedboat – you name it! After all, one of the main design features of this project was to stir as much mental stimulation as possible for the young adventurers.

The lighthouse is perched on a set of panels painted by our talented artist in special weather proof paints.

Accessories & Apparatus: Fun for a whole school

To summarise, the play area is enormous. It can easily cater for 30 children and will provide hours of fun in both role playing adventures and on play apparatus.

The full list of features in this playground includes:

  • Slide pole
  • Bridge
  • Rope V-bridge
  • Ladder
  • Climb wall
  • Ship with plank, cabin, deck, ladder and climb net
  • Lighthouse with ladder to the top
  • Den with seating under lighthouse
  • Capacity to hold large volumes of children

The Grand Opening

Project Summary: Longevity and Endless Fun Come Together Seamlessly

Shebbear College was particularly impressed with the scenic side of the play area. Not only was it a treasure to play on, but it’s also a wonder to look at. All in all, it quickly became a prized possession to staff, students and parents alike, and another project that we are proud of.

Creating Your Perfect Play Area

Please use this project, as well as our other outdoor play areas and pirate ships, to get inspiration for your own creation. As you can see from the photos, the children love it and have found immense play value from the playground. Seeing children this happy, loving what we have made, is one of the most rewarding parts of designing and manufacturing play equipment – it keeps us on our toes and it excites us to push ourselves further in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your own project and we will be happy to talk you through the design process.

For pricing information, please refer to our pricing page or get in contact with us to make an enquiry and discuss a potential project.

How To Order

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Tell us a little about the project and thoughts you might already have. Russell, our founder and designer, will then be in touch. Often we will visit the area and research the theme comprehensively.

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