A Big Home Delivery

How do you get a large playhouse over a narrow bridge? Slowly and carefully. That’s how

That was the challenge that the Flights of Fantasy team were faced with when they delivered a large bay windowed playhouse to a fantastic stately location in the South West of England.

Presented with a walled garden, surrounded by a moat, the team’s only access to the playhouse’s intended position was over a decidedly narrow bridge. Unable to drive the playhouse across the team carefully unloaded the house onto the bridge with rollers and then slowly moved the house over the moat and in to position using palette trucks.

Thanks to very accommodating on-site staff and with a wealth of experience in transporting large play equipment, it was a challenging obstacle that was skilfully overcome. All business as usual for the Flights of Fantasy team.

Moat Playhouse Delivery 1
Moat Playhouse Delivery 2

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