A New Fleet Of Farm Machinery For Folly Farm

We pride ourselves on bringing unique creations to life in play form and our play machines at Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo are a great example of this. Whilst we have made many play tractors over the years, this was the first time we ever made a play teleporter (not the space-time transporter kind) and a tipping trailer. The teleporter has many different access routes for children, encouraging creative play, and the tipping trailer is actually a slide. Have a look at a walkaround of the play area in the video below.

Below you will see an image of each of the three creations, showing each in greater detail. We hope to keep building more play farm machinery in 2018 and will be posting further pictures of our creations as we make them.

Teleporter Side Folly Farm Play Machines

Tractor Side Folly Farm Play Machines

Tipping Trailer Slide Folly Farm Play Machines

See more pictures of the finished play pieces of farm machinery at Folly Farm here.

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