Carving Local Animals In Wood

We have added a varied collection of wooden animal carvings to our portfolio at Rushden Lakes. Covering birds, mammals, insects, and fish, each animal carving is based upon the local wildlife. We spread the carvings across the Rushden Lakes site for visitors to encounter, alongside their real life counterparts. Below you can see a few of the different creatures that we carved.

duck carving wooden sculpture rushden lakes
A duck by the water
otter carving on ground
A ground mounted otter carving
fox carving in forest
A friendly fox

pike carving
A pike… on land!
fox carving face
The face of the fox
owl carving in tree 1
An owl carving, mounted in a tree
kingfisher carving in tree
A tree mounted kingfisher

woodlouse carving
A woodlouse carving
snake carving coiled wooden sculpture rushden lakes
Carving of a coiled snake
water vole face wooden sculpture rushden lakes
A water vole

In addition to this series of animal carvings, we also made several giant animal sculptures and four nature themed play areas at Rushden Lakes. You can see more information about the site and the carvings here.


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