How Do Our Brambly Hedge Carvings Stand Up To The Great British Weather?

Brambly Hedge Wooden Sculptures

A couple of years ago, we created a collection of wooden carvings at Abberton Reservoir based upon the Brambly Hedge book series by Jill Barklem. Hand crafted and painted at out workshop in Norfolk, they formed part of a nature trail, encouraging families to spend more time in the great outdoors – of course that meant they would be at the mercy of the Great British weather. After a couple of years living outside, day and night, we paid a visit to check how they were doing and for the most part, they look as good as they day they left the workshop. Take a look at the photos below to see how they have stood up to the weather over the past couple of years.

Brambly Hedge Wooden Sculpture Child Mouse Abberton Reservoir Site Revisit E1509800952270
Brambly Hedge Wooden Sculpture Mother Mouse Abberton Reservoir Site Revisit E1509800934168
Brambly Hedge Wooden Sculpture Mr Mouse Abberton Reservoir Site Revisit E1509800911487


Brambly Hedge Wooden Sculpture Smart Mouse Abberton Reservoir Site Revisit E1509800815223
Brambly Hedge Wooden Sculpture Nanny Mouse Abberton Reservoir Site Revisit E1509800834139
Brambly Hedge Wooden Sculpture Mrs Mouse Abberton Reservoir Site Revisit E1509800856715



  • The Brambly Hedge carvings look as if they have only just been put there Jamie, very impressive. I follow your posts and knowing your father Russell as I do you’re evidently a chip off the old block.

    • Glad you like them – I actually think they look better now that the grass has grown around them and they fit into the natural environment. We do both like making things… just quite different things!

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