Our UK Green Oak Supplier

Oak is one of our favourite timbers to use for outdoor structures and it is a timber we come back to again and again… and for good reason. Oak is durable, meaning it has an outdoor life expectancy of 15-25 years without chemical treatments that would eventually leech into nature and damage the environment. It is also available from FSC certified UK sources, meaning that the timber is grown responsibly and the transport distances are low, two important environmental concerns.

What Is Green Oak?

Green oak is unseasoned oak, meaning that it is sawn then used, resulting in a high moisture content. The oak will then dry over time and take on its own characteristics, making it totally unique. This natural ageing and seasoning process will see the oak transform to an elegant silver and you will have a structure that will last decades.

Where We Buy Green Oak In The UK

Until 2017 we sourced green oak from several different places in the UK, but it became increasingly hard to find the quantity and quality that we were looking for, so we decided to look into opening our very own oak sawmill. That sawmill is now in full working order, operating under the name of Quercast Sawmilling, and we now supply both ourselves and the rest of the UK with sawn green oak. Having our own oak sawmill is a wonderful opportunity to produce the high quality sawn oak that we are looking for whilst allowing us to source local oak logs from environmentally responsible sources. We are proud to now be offering our oak supply and sawmill sources to others around the UK.

Buy UK Green Oak Cut To Measure

To find out more about buying UK green oak cut to measure, please take a look at our oak supplier page or visit Quercast Sawmilling. We have the capabilities to saw everything from large structural oak, such as oak beams and joists, all the way down to featheredged boards suitable for cladding. Get in touch with us today and we would be happy to provide you with a quote for the green oak joinery you need.

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