Pirate Themed Chairs At Smugglers Bar

A couple of years ago we made a pirate themed indoor play area for Smugglers Bar and Grill in Amroth. We recently stopped by to check everything was in order and realised that we never took any photos of the pirate themed chairs that we built for them – as lovers of making things with our hands, we are much better at building things than taking photos of what we make. Here are four designs that we produced – all appropriately pirate themed, featuring a treasure map, skull and cross bones, pirate ships, and a desert island.

You might also like to take a look at some of our other themed seating. Below are a few more pictures from Smugglers Bar and Grill indoor play area, and you can also take a look at our other indoor play areas.

Sinking Boat Smugglers Bar And Grill Restaurant Indoor Childrens Play Area Pirate Themed With Climbing Ropes And Slide