Congham Castle

Congham Castle is one of our most loved play castle designs, being that it was the very first that we created. Built with flat panels, the design is simple yet striking, offering huge amounts of play potential. This design can very easily be modified to make either a single castle turret, or extended to make a bigger network of turrets with interconnected walls, as in the case of Croft Castle play area.

Congham Castle Front View

Bottom Of The Garden Congham Childrens Play Castle

Turret Congham Childrens Play CastleDesigning Your Play Castle

Please use this project, as well as our other outdoor play areas and play castles / forts, to generate inspiration for your own creation. As you can see from the photos, the play value is immense and themes are limitless. We look forward to pushing ourselves even further in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your own project and we will be happy to talk you through the design process.

For pricing information, please refer to our pricing page or get in contact with us to make an enquiry and discuss a potential project.