Cheeky Monkey Indoor Play Village

Back Wall From Left Cheeky Monkey Nursery Indoor Childrens Play Area 1Much like the Smuggler’s bar and Grill in Amroth, this children’s playgroup was under refurbishment. The lead time for this indoor play village – from the beginning to the end – was a staggering 2 weeks. This included designing, material purchasing, manufacturing, painting, loading, and installing – and all within a tight budget.

The Brief: Install A Bespoke Play Village In World Record Time

The new owners of Cheeky Monkeys were keen to replace their current plastic equipment with something a bit more original. They displayed interest in an old Yorkshire village – complete with everything you might find down a street in Kettlewell or Grassington in the 1900s.

Overcoming Barriers: Extreme Time Pressure & Maximum Play Potential

Never have we had to make a whole play area in this kind of timeframe, but we pulled it off – still maintaining that signature level of success. The street features several vehicles complete with steering wheels, a castle, a sweet shop, a garage, and a large range of opportunities for role playing activities.

Fire Engine Cheeky Monkey Nursery Indoor Childrens Play Area 1
Bus Cheeky Monkey Nursery Indoor Childrens Play Area 1

Garage And Shop Cheeky Monkey Nursery Indoor Childrens Play Area 1Materials & Imagination: Vivid & Friendly Colours For Young Adventurers

The whole structure was built with a well-known material that offers legendary efficiency, ease of use, safety, speed of manufacture, and excellent levels of capability: plyboard. Finished with several layers of water based paint, this apparatus is easily as safe as any play equipment ever can be.

The area is specifically designed to cater for children as young as 2. The maximum fall height is less than one metre, and all ground surfaces are very well padded. Additionally, the whole area is overlooked by the parental seating area, where parents can grab a coffee while their little ones play.

Accessories & Apparatus: A Blend Of Imagination & Efficiency

Harrys Garage Cheeky Monkey Nursery Indoor Childrens Play Area 1The scope of shops and features here all come together to create a scene straight from the imaginations of Cheeky Monkey’s young customers. In this play area, everything is connected. And all this as quickly and cost effectively as possible!

The list of features in this indoor play village includes:

  • Garage
  • Delivery van
  • Sweet shop
  • Church tower
  • Fire station
  • House
  • Castle
  • Phone Booth

Project Summary: Done & Dusted Before You Can Say “Bespoke”

Starting this project felt like starting a 100 metre sprint. And we finished in record time! Cheeky monkeys have enjoyed a wonderful first season of business so far, and our apparatus sees hundreds of young visitors come to play every week.

Back Wall Cheeky Monkey Nursery Indoor Childrens Play Area 1Designing Your Indoor Play Area

Use this themed, indoor play village as inspiration for your own project, but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries in whatever way you want. Add extra features, incorporate interesting themes, and do whatever else you can think of to challenge us to make you the best indoor play area possible. Please get in touch with us to discuss your idea and we will walk you through the design process. Please also take a look at our other indoor play areas, playhouses, and play castles for further inspiration.

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