Elm House

Elm House is a two-storey children’s playhouse for a private client in the UK. In this design children can enter the playhouse either through the front door or by climbing the cargo net to the balcony on the first floor. To leave the house, children can exit through either door, or from the slide.

Elm House Childrens Playhouse Wendy House Front Left View Showing Cargo Net
Elm House Childrens Playhouse Wendy House Front Right Showing Slide
Elm House

Elm House Dimensions

1.7 metres wide x 2.9 metres long x 3.9 metres high

Designing Your Dream Playhouse

This is just one of the many playhouses that we have made in the past. Please use it as inspiration for your perfect playhouse and get in contact with us to discuss a potential project. We are happy to walk you through the design process and can either work with ideas that you might have or come up with something completely new. Every single one of our designs in bespoke, meaning that at the end you will have a playhouse like no other, so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and make it exactly how you want it to be. If you are looking for more inspiration, take a look at our other playhouses.

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