Woodsman’s Cottage Playhouse

Woodsman’s Cottage is a rather large, custom made, two storey children’s playhouse that we made for a private client in London.

It is fully furnished with a play kitchen, beds, and an interior ladder to connect the two floors. On the top floor there is a balcony that can be reached from inside via a door whilst a climb net allows access to or from the ground. As with all our creations, we paid great attention to detail when constructing this playhouse, as you will be able to see with some of the more delicate touches, such as the window boxes and shutter detailing.

Several Years On

After several years of use, we listed Woodsman’s Cottage for resale due to a client relocation and it looked as good as ever. We don’t often get to see our playhouses a second time, but it is always a pleasure to see how well they stand up to the elements when we get the chance.

Playhouse Exterior

Playhouse Interior

Designing Your Dream Playhouse

This is just one of the many playhouses that we have made in the past. Please use it as inspiration for your perfect playhouse and get in contact with us to discuss a potential project. We are happy to walk you through the design process and can either work with ideas that you might have or come up with something completely new. Every single one of our designs in bespoke, meaning that at the end you will have a playhouse like no other, so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and make it exactly how you want it to be. If you are still looking for inspiration, take a look at our other playhouses.

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