Gloucestershire Hospital Mini Village Rooftop Play Area

Chapel Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play AreaThe Children’s Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital is a purpose built unit providing dedicated inpatient and outpatient care for children. Flights of Fantasy was asked to produce a specialist, bespoke design to fit on the roof, avoiding the roof-lights, because no-one else would. We made a miniature village rooftop play area that offered an attractive view for children in a space that was previously unused.

The Brief: Bright, Unique and an Appealing Window View

Flights of Fantasy was approached by The Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Children’s Centre after several other play companies had failed to come up with appropriate themed play solutions. The hospital was seeking play equipment for an enclosed flat roof area, and it had to fit around three large and unappealing roof-lights.

The Children’s Centre wanted the play equipment to be bright, unique, and interesting so that it appealed to the sick and visiting children who would be in awe when viewing from their room windows. It also had to be robust enough to be stable in high winds due to its location on the hospital roof. The staff at the hospital came up with the idea of an authentic model Cotswold village. The village would be eye catching and incite pleasure for the children by way of incorporating plenty of traditional play features.

Houses Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play Area
Stables And Coup Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play Area
Chapel View Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play Area

House Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play AreaOvercoming Barriers: Unsightly Obstacles and Loading Limits

The playground area had to fit precisely around three large and unsightly roof lights as well as being light in weight with pressure of no more than 20kg per square metre. Additionally, no fixings could be driven into the building.

Materials & Imagination: Remarkable Scenes

The delightful Cotswold village formed the theme of the new playground which is exceptionally true to life. The realistic detail encompasses a church, pretty cottages, a railway tunnel and viaduct, duck pond and other charming local buildings. Such a remarkable scene on a rooftop cannot fail to inspire the imagination of the children at the hospital.

Painted Tree Games Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play AreaThe hand-painted finishes are realistic and evocative. A more exhaustive look at this intriguing play equipment reveals a small moveable farm complete with chicken coop, a dog kennel, a stable, and a pig sty. Children can lose themselves in their own make-believe world in such a wonderfully vivid country village scene.

Accessories and Apparatus: Interaction, Enjoyment and Special Touches

To inject a form of interaction into the handmade play equipment, a large tree was built in the model village which contained realistic wildlife along with two bird’s nests. A beanbag game was devised to be used in and around the tree for the enjoyment and delight of all the children. As a special touch, a memorial seat for the village was built along with two planters in memory of a member of staff who worked at the Children’s Centre.

Seating Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play Area
Stables Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play Area
Bee Slider Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play Area
Run Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play Area
Snail Slider Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Rooftop Play Area

Church Side Profile Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Childrens Wooden Play Area Rooftop1Project Summary: Inspiring Play

This unique themed play equipment is visible from many of the rooms around the centre and it provides interest and amusement for some very sick children. It is accessible to children of all capabilities and most areas can accommodate wheel chair access.

Flights of Fantasy was satisfied to solve a long-running problem for the Children’s Centre that met the criteria of the brief on all levels.

Designing Your Perfect Play Area

Dining Area Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Childrens Wooden Play Area RooftopUse this themed rooftop play area as inspiration for your own project, but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries in whatever way you want. Add extra features, incorporate interesting themes, and do whatever else you can think of to challenge us to make you the best adventure play area possible. Please get in touch with us to discuss your idea and we will walk you through the design process.

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