Sledmere House Lime Tractor

We built a lime green play tractor at Sledmere House & Gardens, a Grade I listed Georgian stately home in Yorkshire. With a slide and crawl tube, the design is typical of our other miniature tractors and offers enjoyment for children in the gardens of the stately home.

Sledmere House Lime Green Play Tractor 05
Sledmere House Lime Green Play Tractor 03

Sledmere House Lime Green Play Tractor 02Design Your Own Play Tractor Or Farm Machinery

If you are looking to commission a unique piece of play equipment, please take a look at some of our other farm creations for more inspiration. We have made many play tractors as well as combine harvesters and a teleporter, and our portfolio is constantly growing.

Get in touch with us via email or phone and we will be happy to discuss different options based upon your needs and desires.

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