Rebranding Flights of Fantasy

A few years ago we decided to update the company branding that had been around since we first started operating. Our old branding incorporated a winged horse and a red, curly font on a blue blackground representing the night sky:

Flights Of Fantasy Old Logo

Whilst we liked the fantasy themed image of a winged horse flying into the night, we felt the curly fonts and primary colours didn’t promote the high quality image that we wanted to promote. We used the brilliant design services of Jack Bowlby Design who designed our new logo (which we love):

Flights Of Fantasy Creative Play Logo 1070

Below they have shared the brief and how they came up with our company branding.

In 2014 we were asked to come up with a new identity for Flights Of Fantasy. The brief was to create a logo communicating the company’s promises of reliability and longevity. The target audience was a mix of private and public sector clients, so we had to create a timeless brand image that communicated the brand promises to a selection of different markets. The brand personality outlined by our client was traditional and high quality. It was our job to create a trademark that communicated the same robustness as the product in a versatile and timeless manner.

Sticking to our company ethos of minimalism, the outcome was a logo design that emanated the feel of stability and structure, representing the product and business as a whole. The use of negative space in this design gives the icon a certain subtlety, allowing more white space so that the shapes have room to breathe. Negative space is a prevalent theme in our design practice – for more examples of this, view our portfolio.

We are incredibly grateful to Jack Bowlby Design (take a look at the website if you are in need of design services) for rebranding Flights of Fantasy and feel that the new logo and font help to convey the image that we want our customers to perceive. We now use the logo across all of company documents and have it sign written on our trusty work vehicles.

Flights Of Fantasy Van