We’re Building A Pirate Playground Full Of Skulls

Our latest outdoor play area project – for Folly Farm Adventure Park – is taking shape right now and it’s going to be a memorable one, following a pirate treasure hunt theme. Here are a few of the features that we have put together for this exciting project, including a giant skull that will feature a slide coming out through its mouth and a crocodile head that is big enough to crawl through. Elsewhere in the play area there will be a sandpit to dig for treasure, a maze, many pieces of climbing and balancing equipment, and a rustic fort. Following along with the pirate theme, balance beams will be shaped like bones and our hop stones will be shaped like skulls.

This has been an exciting and creative project to work on, and we look forward to sharing the finished piece with you. Below is a selection of images from our workshop to show the progress we have been making.

Folly Farm Pirate Playground Skull On Forklift
Moving the skull for painting  Рit will soon feature a slide emerging from its mouth
Folly Farm Pirate Playground Skull Hop Stone
The skull-themed hop stones that children will soon be jumping over
Folly Farm Pirate Playground Giant Skull
The giant skull after painting
Folly Farm Pirate Playground Crocodile Head Crawl Through
A crocodile head that even an adult can crawl through

Here is a walk around of the pirate play area whilst we were building it.

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