Find Children’s Play Areas Near Me

map of uk play areas

How often have you wanted to find a new play area to entertain your children, but not known where to look or who to ask? This invariably leads to searching the internet to ‘find children’s play areas near me’ with little to no reward. Google will throw up a few play areas and some websites … Read more

For The Sake Of Parents’ Sanity, Every Restaurant Should Have Play Areas Like These

eatery play areas

If you have young children, you will know the pain of going out for dinner or a drink. What should be a relaxing and pleasant treat can turn into an unbearable nightmare where you spend most of your time in ‘damage limitation’ mode, rather than enjoying the whole experience. Imagine if going out for food … Read more

How Is This For Rustic Play?

Towers Knockhatch Fort Chestnut Wood Adventure Play Area

We love building natural play areas that fit seamlessly with the environment around them and we recently completed a very rustic play area at Knockhatch Adventure Park in Hailsham. The play area is aptly named Chestnut Wood Adventure Play Area as it is made largely from hand stripped sweet chestnut. It features several multiplay towers … Read more