For The Sake Of Parents’ Sanity, Every Restaurant Should Have Play Areas Like These

If you have young children, you will know the pain of going out for dinner or a drink. What should be a relaxing and pleasant treat can turn into an unbearable nightmare where you spend most of your time in ‘damage limitation’ mode, rather than enjoying the whole experience. Imagine if going out for food or drink with your children wasn’t like that… imagine if it was relaxing and enjoyable. Could that really be possible?

The Secret: Excite And Engage

Most restaurants or pubs have no play area, making them completely unsuitable choices for families (unless you happen to be blessed with little angels who can sit through boring adult conversations without wreaking havoc). And some eateries throw in a token play area to try and encourage families – a set of swings or a slide – which entertains children for all of two minutes. The secret however, is to make a play area that engages and excites children, encouraging them to play to the point where you find yourself shouting for them to come and eat because their food has arrived. This way, everybody can be happy. Children get to have fun and parents get to relax. Below is a selection of indoor and outdoor play areas that we have made for different restaurants. Rather than making garish play equipment of old, we stick to our traditional, wooden, hand painted designs that raise the prestige of a venue and appeal to parents, helping to make a family friendly venue that will make every member of the family happy whilst driving further business.

The Ffolkes Arms Hotel

Playground Ffolkes Arms Hotel Adventure Playground

This rustic adventure play area we built for Ffolkes Arms Hotel in Hillington, Norfolk, features multiple pieces of agility based play equipment and gently sloped access ramps with hand rails for less physically able children. The restaurant / gastro pub has both indoor and outdoor seating in view of the play area, and a games room so that children can play. The play area is completely fenced off from the car park, meaning that children can’t escape without being seen and chased down by their parents who were previously enjoying a relaxing drink or meal…. This is not a dream!¬†See more picture of Ffolkes Arms Hotel Adventure Playground here.

The Duke Of Cambridge Pub

Main View The Duke Of Cambridge Adventure Play Area

The Duke of Cambridge is a friendly village pub near Farnham with a passion for local food and drink. As part of a major refurbishment, we built this rustic adventure playground that can be viewed from indoor or outdoor seating. There is enough engaging play apparatus for all ages to ensure that parents have the opportunity to relax and children will want to come back again. Imagine if your children asked to go to the pub, then let you relax in peace! See more picture of The Duke of Cambridge Adventure Playground here.

Smugglers Bar & Grill Pirate Play Area

Play Area Smugglers Bar And Grill Restaurant Indoor Childrens Play Area Pirate Themed With Climbing Ropes And Slide
Smugglers Bar and Grill in Amroth is a wonderful, pirate themed pub where we built an indoor pirate play area complete with pirate ship, pirate jail, crow’s nest, and sinking ship. The whole experience appeals to every member of the family and the overwhelmingly positive play area reviews on TripAdvisor say far more about this play area than we ever could. See more pictures of Smugglers Bar & Grill Pirate Play Area here.

Westmorland Motorway Services

Sign Main View Westmorland Gloucester Services M5 Indoor Play Area Northbound And Southbound

It’s hard to tell whether long journeys are less enjoyable for children or the parents who have to endure the are we there yets!¬†Stopping for food is a necessity, but Westmorland Family Group took a new approach and decided to create exciting play areas at their northbound and southbound Gloucester Services sites on the M5. Both sides of the motorway now have indoor and outdoor play areas, making the service area a target for families, rather than just a practical stop. Children can wear themselves out, allowing the journey to continue in (relative) peace. See more pictures of Gloucester Services play areas.

So Much More To Come!

This is just a small selection of play areas that we have made for pubs, restaurants, and service areas, but there is so much more to come. Each of these venues is now recognised as family friendly, attracting new business and creating a strong brand image that will remain for generations (literally). How much more relaxing would drinks or dinner be if your children had one of these play areas to entertain them?

If you have a pub or restaurant and you are looking to commission and engaging, attractive play area, please get in touch with us and we will discuss the options. Take a look at our outdoor and indoor play areas for further inspiration. We look forward to hearing from you.

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