How The Grass Grows

When we install a play area, we normally don’t get the pleasure of seeing it in full action. We make it, we install it, and we leave, missing so many of the best parts of any play area – the part where it gets played on! Additionally, we often use a lot of heavy machinery to move everything onto and around the site, meaning that when we leave the site, it isn’t in its peak condition unless landscaping is part of our contract (yes, we offer landscaping too).

Recently we had the opportunity to revisit the outdoor play areas that we made for Gloucester Services on the M5. Above are the before and after photos showing the initial installation on the left and how things look now on the right, several years on, with no maintenance. As you can see, we landscaped the outdoor play area, but not the maze (which was seeded) and both structures are still looking great as their bright hues have softened down over time.

See more pictures of the original outdoor play installations at Gloucester Services here.

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