The Best Playgrounds For Children In The UK

By creating a combination of engaging, exciting, and memorable play environments, one of our main aims is to make the best playgrounds for children in the UK. In fact, now that we export play equipment all over the world, we would love to be known for making the best playgrounds for children in the world.

Whilst the word ‘best’ is subjective, we will continue to strive to make the best playgrounds in the UK and beyond, exciting children with our creations (that are also memorable to adults). Below we have shared a few of our best playgrounds (although we’re proud of everything we make), but we’d love to see more contenders for the best playgrounds in the UK, so please comment below if you know of any more amazing playgrounds. By pushing the boundaries of creative play, we – as creators – collectively push and inspire each other to make better play creations, benefitting children and families everywhere.

Some Of Our ‘Best Playgrounds’

Folly Farm Pirate Playground
Folly Farm Pirate Playground Aerial View
Children love pirates and this play area offers an engaging play environment that follows the pirate theme of Black Bart, encouraging learning through discovery. Find out more.
Ffolkes Arms Adventure Playground
ffolkes arms hotel adventure playground aerial
Part of a Norfolk pub, this rustic adventure playground offers children an engaging play environment to enjoy whilst adults relax – a win-win situation for all. Find out more.

Chestnut Wood Rustic Playground
Overview Knockhatch Fort Chestnut Wood Adventure Play Area Rectangle
Play areas don’t need to be made from plastic and metal, and this rustic, wooden playground is a perfect example of that. Find out more.
Hatfield House Miniature Replica
Hatfield House Themed Play Area
A miniature play version of the real Hatfield House, this is a play area that is instantly recognisable and not easily forgotten. Find out more.

Wallington Hall Locomotive
Wallington Hall Station And Locomotive Themed Forest Play Area
It’s not often you see a play area like this. Based on a GWR steam strain, this is a 40 foot play locomotive accompanied by a full train station at Wallington Hall. Find out more.
Farnham Adventure Playground
Farnham Park Adventure Playground
The hoards of children during summer are testament to the success of this adventure play area that sprawls across Farnham Park, offering a range of play apparatus. Find out more.

Which one of these do you think is the best playground? Where else can we find some amazing playgrounds around the UK? We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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