How Is This For Rustic Play?

Towers Knockhatch Fort Chestnut Wood Adventure Play Area

We love building natural play areas that fit seamlessly with the environment around them and we recently completed a very rustic play area at Knockhatch Adventure Park in Hailsham. The play area is aptly named Chestnut Wood Adventure Play Area as it is made largely from hand stripped sweet chestnut. It features several multiplay towers … Read more

We’ve Been Making Some Giant Bird Sculptures

Loading Giant Swift Bird Sculpture

Commissioned by Crown Estates, we have been building several giant animal structures. Each one is constructed from a steel frame, overlaid with willow, and the completed structures are currently on their way to their new home at the retail park in Rushden Lakes. Once complete, there will be three starlings on a bird table, two racing swallows, a swan, and a hare. The hare is 18 feet long, the swallows and swan have 10 foot wingspans, and these massive sculptures are borne on 5″ steel tubes, bent into a curve. They took 1,500 man hours to produce and are designed to reflect the re-generation of the former gravel pits site at Rushden Lakes.

See more of our sculptures on our wooden sculptures and carvings page.

You Dream It, We Build It

You Dream It We Build It

At Flights of Fantasy, our company ethos is that if you can dream something, we can build it. Every time a client comes to us with a challenging project, it gets our creative juices flowing and excites us. Rather than making conventional play equipment, we want to make the most unique and striking play equipment that exists, and we want children and adults alike to say, ‘Wow!’ when they encounter our creations.

Demonstrating our company ethos, this video showcases what our company stands for and how we transform an idea from an initial concept into a finished play area. The video was shot during the construction of our Samlesbury Hall play area and incorporates a centre piece that is based upon the real Samlesbury Hall, a replica of the Mayflower ship, and various children’s play apparatus.

After the completion of this particular project, Samlesbury Hall were delighted with what we had created and offered the following testimonial:

I hope this video demonstrates what we do and helps share with you the creative process that we go through over many weeks of working on each project with our clients. If you think you have a project that can test our creativity, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.